Next Year – Season Finale in a Foundry

You’ll have to excuse my lateness. It wasn’t slackness, it was actually injury. It was Father’s Day here in Australia on Sunday, and I cooked Mr. Minty potstickers. You can’t buy these delectable little parcels of deliciousness in Australia – not that I’ve found. And we both fell in love with them on a trip to Los Angeles. All was going well until I deep fried the tip of my ring finger while crisping up the first batch. Goddamn my finger hurts when I type. Wince for me every time I press the SWX keys….fuck that hurt. It’s times like this that I wish I was one of those chicken peck typists and not a touch typist. Book post is up here.

Russell the Paper Tiger

Well, that was the least amount of fanfare ever. No building tension – they ruined it by not having Eric give Russell shifty eyes across the room all season. Having Eric kill Russell seems like a lame cop-out honestly. Particularly since I don’t believe that Eric would have been hovering around looking for Sookie to see what had her worried. This just seems to be pandering to the Eric/Sookie shippers in the most phone-it-in way. *sotto voce* It seems to have worked. Those chumps are going on about an endless love of the ages. Popcorn for smart people – pffffft. Evidence says that not seeing through this flimsy ploy makes them not the smart people. *resume normal voice and makes you swear you won’t tell them*. If I recall correctly, he’s been sticking it to Nora with the soundtrack “Fuck Sookie”, so him crapping on now is just because he needs something. I must say, Tweedleshithead did look particularly attractive this episode – I think this should be the new viral Eric picture:

As I predicted, Russell was really a lot of talk – he didn’t do much other than kill extras. None of whom we’d seen or care about, which doesn’t leave one with a lasting impression that he’s a character to worry about. I’m sure they’ll find a way to bring him back because he was probably the only thing keeping the ratings up this year. But he didn’t really do much as far as on screen. I mean, fuck – Demon Anya killed as many fratboys as he did. And I actually cared that she did – amazing what a good script can do…and it’s a pity True Blood doesn’t have one.
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AB ‘n’ Me – Ruiners

For those of you who didn’t notice, I was late and slack on the whole book post, but here it is. I’m committed to the one book post a week thing. And I think at this point, the only thing keeping me to that promise is the reminder of True Blood every week. I’m hoping that my workload and schedule cycle down sometime soon so I can do more than weekly updates.

You know, I do believe the channel I watch True Blood on actually inadvertently provided a review with their ad for it. It said “Get ready for a big old bloody mess” – and they were right. Ah, even the people who sell it know, and they’re trying to warn us, the kind hearted souls.

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Lost In Translation

Okay, so this is supposed to be a small post, but those usually end up at 2,000 words or more, so I don’t know why I bother to let myself fool myself. I am a bad person to me. I should be analysing and writing and cataloguing and more writing, but first I gotta get this one out of my head. The subject is Eric speaking Swedish in fanfic – and why it’s a really bad idea for Alan Ball to do it, why it shouldn’t carry over to fanfic, no matter how much you want to learn the native tongue of the Askars, and go hunting him in his native land.

We’ve been discussing it here, and on behalf of Thyra, one of our resident ice giants, she wants to read less gibberish Swedish. That’s right – most of the Swedish sounds like the Swedish chef is writing it once you put it through Google translator. Considerably less funny when you can understand Swedish I’m sure. But, let’s be honest, most people who do it aren’t doing it for the reader’s benefit. Or they’d think about whether it was just something they find sexy about Show Eric (really Askars because Eric is more likely not to be Swedish than not) or if it fits at all. Perhaps more revealing than the author had intended, not to my taste and rather clichéd now, but not really a cause for ranting.
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This Fucking Sucks

Amen sister. Did it ever. I watched the finale of True Blood, Season Four – it rivalled The Borgias for pointless romance storylines to dumb it down for the deeply stupid people who watch television. I don’t know who Alan Ball thinks are the supposed “smart people” for whom this is popcorn. Possibly Frito the lawyer on Idiocracy, when he’s not ‘batin’. The books, yes – they’re meaty goodness I can chew on and delve into, like Book Sookie for her vampire de jour. This trash television? It’s a diet pill. I don’t have to think very much, and if I do, it all falls apart like Show Sookie under a micro-ounce of pressure.

I was very surprised by this episode, mainly because almost all of the spoilers that came my way were “WHY YOU NOT WITH ERIC” rage. I heard vaguely about Gran, and vaguely about Nan and Jesus, but almost everything centred around one single scene of a relationship.

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So it finally jumped the shark

Well, I just watched Episode 11 of True Blood tonight, wherein Eric and Bill offered to shoot each other over Sookie. Not only am I not invested in these “relationships” – which really should be changed to “competitive bloodenings” wherein they brainwash her into ‘loving’ one or the other – but kill themselves for her? Shit, even Sookie didn’t believe that they would, and she’s still giving them plaintive looks of love anyway, so this was really necessary? I didn’t believe this grandstanding, and I didn’t find it romantic – for either vampire. They’re not teenagers for goodness sake. Perhaps someone should explain about death being permanent to those two bozos.

I would also like to thank Alan, in the most sarcastic voice I could manage (and I can manage a lot of sarcasm) for completely fucking Pam up one side and down the other. I used to wish that she’d stop her job of standing behind Eric and going on runs to drop off V, but now I see why that is essential Pam business. That’s because she’s too damn stupid to be left on her own for two minutes, or given any kind of autonomy.

Pam’s been pissing me off this season, with her ability to wait for witches to start chanting, but not to finish chanting, because she pronounces it a failure. This episode? She really took the cake. She outshone Show Sookie with her stupid – and that’s saying something. After watching Jason throw an inanimate object at the wall of sunlight, and cause a small explosion, watch a vampire get caught and devoured by said wall of sunlight, Braintrust Pam thinks tossing a missile at it will work out well? Oh honey, 100 years of standing behind Eric, and you still can’t figure shit out? Yeah, you stand behind him again. I’m sorry I thought you were capable, or at the very least, logical. Maker-child relationship or not, this Pam who doesn’t stand behind Eric is a threat to everyone around her. I’m glad Eric told her to GTFO because she doesn’t think about what she’s doing. I’m hoping I don’t have to witness the ruination of Book Pam with Show Pam again next season. Stand behind Eric honey and just don’t talk.  It’s better for both of us that way. You don’t have to say anything, I don’t have to weep at your downfall.

High on the lack of logic, and shit that doesn’t go anywhere are the following things:
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This post has been sort of swirling at the back of my head for a while. This is just a general discussion post, because I think it bears discussing – and my regular commenters I’m sure would love to say what they want in a Sookie-positive environment. 😀 Plus, this journal is for relieving my head of swirling thoughts, and then opening up the floor to discussion. So I’m going to set out what I think about the discussion subject first, and let you all go to town.

I also want to preface what I’m going to write by saying that first, I’m a criminologist and I’ve never found anything I’ve ever actually found so repugnant that I won’t read it – including the fantasies and deeds of sadistic paedophiles. On top of that, my older sister has been a swinger since I was four years old, and very, very open about that fact and her activities since I was very young. As a rider to that, I also spent the two years before I entered this fandom in a completely unmoderated forum, where you could say as you please – and people did often – up to and including death threats. There is positively nothing that throws me off completely. By that same token, if you behave badly in the comments of this post, I will not go soft on you, and I will let the comment stand in all of its shameful glory. I was on that unmoderated forum by my own choice. So read and comment at your own risk.

As yet another piece that should precede this discussion, I don’t really want to have to tell anyone in the comments, so I’ll tell you now. Free speech and the right to say what you please does not belong to rape story writers and readers alone. Everyone else has the exact same right – and I’m exercising that here. Don’t bother to tell me that I’m trying to shut someone down…by requesting that this discussion should be shut down because it’s too much for the rape story writers to take. It’s not in a review, or even on (where such discussions do get shut down). I didn’t bring it to anyone else, and the title is pretty clear what this is going to be about. Don’t ask me to judge what everyone else does as worthy – either by approving or disapproving it. I don’t report rape fic (which means I live with it tolerantly) so that’s all I need to do under the requirements of cultural relativism. I expect others to tolerate this post as well, and will clearly tell you to go fuck yourself in the comments if you suggest that rape-as-romance is allowable under the right to do as you please and say what you like, and this post is not.

Firstly, since there is so much confusion – I’ve seen it – about what rape is, I’m going to define it, and set it out for those who can’t seem to figure out what I’m talking about. Continue reading

King Bill

So, lots of times in my comments, people want to know what I think of True Blood. So I know the finale will be sometime soon in the US, which means I’ll be spoilered about the ending, and watch the reactions. Let me say, I’m laying my own personal odds that if Sookie chooses Eric or whatever the season will be pronounced “good” by a vast majority despite any complaints of its craptacular nature that went before when she was vacillating between Eric and Bill. Eric and Sookie ending up together and boning constitutes “good” fanfic for many people. You can ameliorate the worst of fanfic with an ESN prior to ending.

But, onto what I think so far. I’m up to the episode where Eric is swimming in the pond out the back of Sookie’s. Continue reading

Mainstreaming Mainly Mocked

This is one I see popping up into SVM sometimes, from the retardation that is True Blood. The idea that Eric Northman is not a proponent of mainstreaming, and refuses to do any mainstreaming whatsoever. I have some quotes, and some logic to go with that one. It’s really an illogical idea that Eric would come out only to want to be back in the coffin again, or that he’s opposed to mainstreaming.

In the show at least, it’s used as an easy device to show why it’s a bad idea for vampires and humans to date – because they have opposing goals and viewpoints. Vampires are only playing the part in the media, and the reality is something altogether different – they just can’t stop themselves from killing, and that makes them bad boyfriends (that Sookie inexplicably wants to date anyway). In the books, CH has used a different device by showing how vampires screw up a human’s life by getting them killed, and not being able to be the full partner to a human (dead in the daytime, killer colleagues and other fun boyfriend deficits). The whole media thing exists in the books, but that’s not why everyone tells Sookie not to date vampires – she’s well aware the PR is a lie.

But, we all know that the logic is not high in the writing room at True Blood. The logic is as follows – vampires lied to everyone about liking TrueBlood and now are forced to subject themselves to it to make humans happy – why, I don’t know, because they don’t like or respect humans at all. They believe having anything socially to do with humans is a complete embarrassment. The logic is apparently that vampires came out of the coffin to let us appreciate their magnificence, and don’t intend to have anything to do with us but take our money. Why they need human money when they could make vampire money (superior natch) is beyond me. Why they didn’t stay in the coffin is also beyond me. Then they could eat humans, and not have to be overwhelmingly shamed that they happen to be seen in the vicinity of a human when not actually feeding and fucking.

The truth is that the concept is undermined in the show. I just saw Season 4, Episode 1 this week, and surprisingly enough, it was Pam who pissed me off the most, with her complete and utter lack of logic – something we don’t see from Book Pam. In that episode, Pam makes fun of Jessica for trying to stick to human values like monogamy and living with a human; as well as shows complete contempt for trying to perform public relations – and the professed value previously that humans are worthless bloodbags etc. etc. This is the Pam slavishly following human fashion trends, living in a house, wanting equal citizenship with humans, and owning a bar for humans. You know – the Pam living a lifestyle similar to a human one. You can see in AH fanfic, just about the only thing that separates vampire Pam from human Pam is the drinking of blood and the fangs. So thanks, Alan, for making Pam a hypocritical shallow douchebag.

Book Pam might call the patrons of the bar vermin, and she might tow the Vampires First line, but Book Pam doesn’t see human society as without value. Yet, it bleeds into SVM as if it was part of what comes from the books, when in fact it comes from the show…you know – the one everyone complains about how much it sucks.

Oh, and because I mentioned it in comments for another post, no, I don’t think King Beehl is the stupidest thing the show has to offer. It’s at least consistent with the narrative that vampires like Eric and Pam hate interacting with humans – one half of the equation anyway – even if it makes Eric and Pam look like hypocritical douchebags with their bar for human tourists. Bill’s job as King seems to involve a lot of schmoozing – and if Eric and Pam don’t want to do that, then they get placed at the bottom of the pile and be told what to do. You don’t want to play the political game, then you don’t play it – but you don’t get pronounced King so you can behave like Russell in the post-Russell Edgington world.

So firstly, what does mainstreaming mean? That’ll help in debunking this myth Continue reading

Gender Bias in True Blood

True Blood starts tonight – so I’ll be able to see what’s going on and probably disagree with people. For one thing, I know I’ve seen it written that Book Eric is not impulsive – which is not true. The man who tipped his hand in front of Andre by stretching in front of Sookie wasn’t thinking about long term plans, that’s for sure, and nor was the man who had his pride pricked and bounded over the cemetery to look at the witches at Bill’s house that were looking to kill him. It’s one of Eric’s endearing qualities that impulsive nature – his joie de vivre as such. He’s smart and calculating, but he’s not as boring as watching paint dry – he’s a guy that lives on the edge. And encourages Sookie to live there with him. I can’t wait to judge for myself.

So I’ve done a post about Show Sookie vs. Book Sookie – it was even featured amongst Hans von Hozel story challenge as a topic. 😀 But in the comments, I was talking about Pam and Thyra asked me to do Pam (happily! 😀 ). But since Pam isn’t a primary character in the books or the show, it’s difficult to do that and make a post. So I chose gender bias in True Blood – and I’m going to show you why, as a woman I’ll always be a Bookie.

Now, I should say first off that I’m a feminist – I believe women are not lesser to men, and I love doing things like actively using my brain, rather than being property by men, and fully believe that women are entitled to live for more than babies and getting fucked. I love voting, being included in discussions about politics, leaving the house when I feel like it without having to beg permission, not having to beg for money for the household while having no input on what my husband spends at the pub and generally being my own person without being owned by the men in my life.

I’d also like to point out (because I got myself into an argument with another woman over this just recently, where she said I was “throwing my own gender under the bus”) that I don’t believe women are any better than men. We were discussing school shooters, and I pointed out that it is not solely a male crime, even though there are lots of men who do it, it doesn’t mean men are essentially evil, and women incapable of it. The statistics are lower for women, but we have just as much capability to do the wrong thing as men do. Case in point, Brenda Ann Spencer, female school shooter whose reason for committing the crime was immortalised by The Boomtown Rats with “I Don’t Like Mondays”.

Being a feminist does not mean to me that women are perfect – they can be all levels on the spectrum as men are – they are not somehow perfect and beyond reproach because they are women. Men and women are equally culpable in my eyes – I don’t buy the theory that one of “Nature’s nurturers” would never do heinous things. That’s patently not true – take it from a criminologist. Women are just as capable of badness as men – and they should take responsibility for it, and by extension should also take responsibility for the goodness they do – rather than writing off doing good things as part of the nurturer thing. Free will belongs to both sexes.

But that doesn’t mean that I like shows where females are consistently discounted and made weaker – particularly when I have the books or source material to base the story on. In the case of True Blood, I do. So, let’s do this thing. Continue reading

Sookie vs. Sookie

Okay, this one was a request number. Thyra asked me to catalogue how Book Sookie is different from True Blood Sookie, because I’ve mentioned it here and there on Twitter and by PM, and she wanted the total picture. I’ve mentioned it here and there, but now I’m gathering it all together for her bad memory. Since I’m good at the endless cataloguing, then I was the natural choice. 😀

Just to let you all know, it might take me a little longer to reply. My computer is being repaired tomorrow – I have some leaking capacitors and I need a new CPU, motherboard and power supply. I made the guy promise me a full day for it to be done and over. But I’ve found that men in workshops can sometimes be dirty, rotten liars. 😀 If you’re waiting, might I recommend this story or this story – they’re both all kinds of awesome.

So this doesn’t become a list of sorts, I’m going to show the difference between the two by judging those actions on the overall impression they give of Sookie’s character. Oh, and I should mention that I haven’t seen Season 4 – it starts here on August 18th. I know I could watch it online, but I just am not the fervent fan to do that. Plus, every single year I’ve enjoyed listening to the overblown complaints about stuff, and then finding out it’s not going to be as bad as I thought. I don’t mind being spoilered, or I wouldn’t have read the books after I saw the first episode.

Also, just a disclaimer – this won’t be a totally exhaustive list scene by scene, but in big moments where it makes a difference. I don’t have an extensive encyclopaedic knowledge of the show that I do of the books – and there’s a reason for that. The books don’t have holes of logic one can drive a truck through. They have inconsistencies, like whether Sookie has a dishwasher or not, but True Blood has shit Sookie forgets one day to the next. Like the fact that vampires are killers.

Season 1

Okay, the show kept to the book storyline for the most part, but there were differences in Sookie I didn’t appreciate for the overall impact they had on her character, or rather that delineate Show Sookie from Book Sookie. It’s a pity that for all the complaints about TB in general, things can’t be kept clear in fanfic writers’ heads. I hate to see Show Sookie bleeding into Book Sookie.

Sookie and the Raid on Fangtasia

In the books, Sookie didn’t point Eric out of a crowd (because Eric has no retarded throne in the books – you know, the kind the Fellowship can aim for when they attack him and the sort that doesn’t help Eric blend into the anonymity of being random vampire in a bar and enabling him to hide the fact that there’s vampire power structure unbeknownst to humans) and ask about him. It was Bill who pointed Eric out, and that Eric had scanned Sookie twice. Bill pointed Eric out – Sookie didn’t know there was anything special about Eric at all – he’s just a vampire, an old scary vampire sitting with another vampire, at a table. She doesn’t know he is anyone important – that he owns the bar, that he has any authority over other vampires.

In the show, Sookie knows the minute she looks at Eric up there on his stage and stupid throne, that there is something different about Eric. Continue reading