Actual Equal Treatment

So, on the erstwhile promises that there was some good stuff about Sookie out there, and that Eric was finally catching hell, I went out into the fandom. I think it was a mistake, judging by the anger I’m now boiling with over the reactions to the new book Deadlocked. Sure, Eric didn’t get unmitigated praise, but what I did read was that both Sookie and Eric were equally culpable for their communication issues, and their mistrust of one another, and that both tests of love were somehow just equal.

Since the Sam post will be going up in a couple of days, and then more postings, I want to make my stance clear on what actual equal treatment means to me.  So please to enjoy this little fanfic wholly inspired by Deadlocked:


I had to go and see Sookie to discuss her impending marriage to Preston. She didn’t love him, but she wanted to do what made Niall happy. I thought that she should ignore what her fairy sire wanted if she really loved me. It was an hour past darkness when I pulled up to her house, and I let myself in. Sookie wasn’t in the kitchen, but I heard heavy breathing coming from her bedroom. I pushed open the door.

Sookie was there, sitting with her back to Bill, in his embrace. He had his wrist to her mouth and I could see she was drinking from him. Bill’s other hand was…he was pleasuring himself as she drank. As soon as they saw me, they stopped and Bill stood up and said “It ain’t my fault your woman was dying…”

He left in quite a hurry when Sookie glared at him, but she remained sitting on the side of the bed.
The bed where we first made love. The bed where she slept.
She spoke directly to me. “I was fatally injured.”
She got up, gingerly testing her legs, but I could see that standing wasn’t easy. She wiped a drop of blood from her face. Her eyes closed. “Delicious.”

Now, so we don’t have PMR-goes-bug-arse-crazy-in-comments when I next post, then think about what it truly means to be equal, and treat characters equally. After all – in this book, Eric just caught her looking at a computer screen with another man and started acting like an arsehole. Think about how acceptable and equal you would find their actions, the doubting of love if it was Eric who saw what Sookie saw. This is adapted from the text of the book, and I can guarantee I’ll go batshit on any arse who suggests here that they’re equally culpable and prideful. So this is how you won’t have a PMR screaming at you.


Sookie and Sam look like HEA

Just a quick note to let everyone know – I love spoilers. Truly, I do. But every single year, I have read the reviews of others, and have wondered what book I’m reading when I finally get my hands on it. When there were spoilers released for Dead in the Family, one of the reviewers said that there was something going on that was out of character because Eric cried over Bobby’s death. Go on, I dare you – find me the bit where Eric cried over Bobby’s death. Just so you won’t search for all time, thinking you read that while you were crazy, it doesn’t exist. Reading comprehension is way down in this fandom, and it’s worse when people are excited.

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Smarter Sookie

So you want to rewrite canon from your starting point of choice and “improve” on the books and make them far more awesome. One of the ways you want to do that is give Sookie powers up the wazoo, give Sookie all the money in the world, or often times to make her smarter.

I keep seeing these claims that fics have a “Smarter Sookie” or reviewers claiming Sookie is smarter. It’s rare that I agree – she’s usually made way more stupid than Book Sookie, who, as I have discussed doesn’t seem so stupid to me.

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Bill Compton must die!

Yes, that’s a deliberate pun on Romeo. And no, I don’t think he should die. This post is about the sentiment that Bill must die, or must be punished. I’ve done a post on why I don’t think Bill would be happy with Sookie, but none on what I think of Bill from Sookie’s viewpoint – why I am not for Bill as HEA, yet not on board with Bill dying.

In truth, part of the reason I read some Bill fic is because I can make a great case for Eric as HEA, one for Sam, one for Quinn (although not as strong as Eric’s case) but I just can’t make one for Bill as HEA. It’s one of the reasons I have lurked on Bill babe forums – to try to discern why they are pro-Bill as HEA. I ust can’t make that one for myself, so if in doubt of my own abilities, I source someone else’s. But the problem is that all of the arguments for Bill as HEA fall as flat as a tack once they’re studied. I always come across something that is a deal breaker for Sookie.

As an aside, I must say, having been to pro-Bill forums, and pro-Eric forums, there’s a remarkable similarity on bashing the shit out of Sookie being a substantive part of the agreement there is. She’s wrong, wrong, wrong in both suitor camps. And the arguments for why she is wrong are almost identical. You can switch out “She’s always been unfair to ____ and always believing what ____ said about him. She never gave ____ a chance. She’s forgiven ____ for way more stuff than she’s ever done for ____. It’s ____ that protects her from the bad stuff of the world. ____ hasn’t hurt her the way ____ has, and she just lets it go every time!” Fill in the blanks with either suitor’s names, and you could successfully assimilate in either camp. If Sookie dies in the end through being tortured to death and the men go on to be happy, despite not winning the “prize”, you’d have two happy, happy camps. And hence here? I say both of them are rather crap protectors who’ve done shitty, shitty things and shall not be shown quarter for bad actions because they are men who say they’re in love. I am firmly Team Sookie and want what makes her happy…and why I stay mostly here. Fuck the guys if they don’t get happy as well – either of them.

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What’s a Stevedore?

A bit of housekeeping, since I know it’s important to people hereabouts. I made the first post that started a lot of this debate, all about women and violence and how it’s acceptable in the community. You should read this rant and then refer people elsewhere. A group that uses such a thing to get popular support and then deliberately elects by panel to award the very problem they say is serious, without the original fic being elected for any awards by the chat room group vote is completely disingenuous. We should all go elsewhere. It’s either important, or it’s fucking not. Don’t say it is, and then insert the fic you want to reward.

Another bit of housekeeping – it’ll probably be a while until I do another big post – I want to go through and tag my posts to make searching easier – putting “Eric” or something on posts so people can find them. WordPress tells me I have 101 (now 102) posts, so this shit is getting huge. Every so often I get people asking if I’ve covered a particular issue, so I’m going to try to address that with tags, so they’re easier to find. You’ll be able to click on a tag that says “Gift Wrap” or something, and it’ll bring up the posts that deal with “Gift Wrap”. So only baby posts, and only if I feel the need until that’s done.  On with the show.

I know it’s probably a bit shameful, but I take refuge in the fact that I beat Eric. I just recently watched Gone with the Wind. And I only made it through because I know a lot of people draw similarities between Rhett and Scarlett and Sookie and Eric. This is then used to draw the conclusion that the books will end like Gone with the Wind, with Eric finally leaving Sookie, with the line about not giving a damn. You can find nasty readers cackling about that, when Sookie will get her comeuppance.

A favourite movie doesn’t mean that that’s how your life with end up. I’m pretty sure my husband isn’t going to become Lord Summerisle and burn some poor Christian to death. He hasn’t even started building his Wicker Man. Favourite movies of the characters and pop culture references don’t actually mean that the character in a book is bound to live by the outcome. Unless people are suggesting that Sookie’s recent love of Jeopardy means that the ending of the book is going to be as so:

I thought about my surprise at what had happened over my life. I had won. I was
still alive. You could have knocked me down with a feather when Alex Trebek
walked out of the woods and told me I could keep my winnings and come back
to defend next time round to two new challengers. The end.

Deadbeat Bullshit, p. 310

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This Week in Fanfic…Damns Not Given

I suspect I had a similar experience to some of you, that went (for me) like so:

I’m sure this picture will be relevant again, although it may alter in the stunning way of “Reads from feed”. There’s just that much variety in these scenarios. I’ve mentioned the up-surge of rape-as-romances, and I’ve posted about the rape-as-romance phenomenon before. But I just wanted to say what I think the response should be when someone goes into the middle of a room that’s a bit messy, and takes a huge stinky dump, to share it all with us. For those of you that read here – I know you all pretty much think for yourselves, so I don’t intend to be the definitive word on this – just the perspective of what happens every single time this scenario comes up – the commonalities as it were.

My overall tactic is not to take it to the writer – via PM or reviews – my tactic is to immediately get my hands off that trainwreck and never consider reviewing that person again, and I’ll explain why with my FAQ, and save myself the PMs because I’ve been asked a couple of times now. Continue reading

Political Animals and Dark Horses

Well, one positive thing I can say about the current rise of rape-as-romances is that while I’m busier in my life, I have more time to write my journal. There’s just only so many times I can read about Sookie getting beatings, being degraded, or Eric enjoying having sex with a crying or unwilling Sookie before I start to skim over that shit.  If you want to take a look at women’s internalised misogyny, and why Alan Ball conceptualises the show so badly, take a stroll through fanfiction and reviews right now. 10 or so rape-as-romances updated in the last month, and countless others wherein Sookie is abused to high heaven, and her violent rapist is given the excuse of being really, really sad. And yet they will feign surprise and disgust when AB switches out Eric for Bill and creates their story on screen in all its sucktastic glory. It works for Eric, so why not for Bill, right?

That means that I have had time to do some more pictures to vent my frustration, here and here. And of course, write this post on comparative supe politics. It was one of the things that tested highly on the poll, and I wasn’t feeling the one on emotional integrity. It was this quote that caused a lot of problems:

“Ah…the shifters have a library. We have records of our history
and what we’ve observed about other supes.”

Dead Reckoning, p. 36

So a few times people have mentioned that shifters aren’t organised, and therefore, what the hell are shifters doing knowing each other and stuff in general, having a library like dirty rotten liars. The minute there’s any sign of organisation from Sam, cue the conspiracy theories and he becomes some sort of shifter Mob boss with all these devious schemes. But really it’s for the value of “organised” and it’s in comparison to other supernaturals.

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Timing is Everything

So an anon asked me to look at the timeline of Club Dead. I actually worked this one out a while ago to discern Bill’s level of culpability etc. because I wanted to know how it was that Bill’s movements went – they were kinda confusing. Since someone asked for it, I wrote it, and this one was easy – no speculation involved. 😀 It just poured out of me easily, because I had it down already. I’m thinking about another post at the moment that’s going to take a little longer to work out, but this one was easy, so I figured I’d hammer it out.

Now, I should preface this with reiterating that I don’t hate Bill – at all. He’s not right for Sookie due to how much he gets the shit aggravated out of him by her nature, but I don’t see him as pure evil, any more than I do Eric. Just so I’m clear too, I don’t believe CH would keep him in the suitor race with any thought of reconciling and make him the vampire who raped Sookie – because it’s one thing to explore forgiving your rapist, and another to ship a rapist and his victim, however unintentional said rapist was. I should point out that even Sookie herself ruled him out right about here:

Judith raised her eyebrows and stepped over my threshold.
“You must love Bill, or else you’re a fool,” she said.
“Neither, I hope. You want some True Blood?”

Dead in the Family, p. 247

Really, there’s no reason to beat the living hell out of Bill and worship at the cult of virginity on Eric’s behalf. Sookie and Bill can be good friends who shared a relationship just like Eric and Pam are – and Eric killed Pam. I wish fanfic would stop putting Bill out as the bad guy, and the only one to be hated when there’s plenty of hateful vampires like Mickey still around. Particularly since rape or not, virginity taking or not, Eric still uses Bill. If Pam and Sookie can get past it, fans can too, right? *Sigh*

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Tis the Season

Crap. I’ve just realised the first chapter of Deadlocked is going to be coming out soon. I just don’t have the time to do all the things I want to do, dammit. I kinda wish I had the time to write a post a day. Once that chapter comes out, I’m going to be theorising on all the new stuff she’ll give us, and I’m still bogged down in fairies. Damn those fairies.  I love the depth – so much – but I find it all so difficult to get it out to people.

So the ritualised wailing has come. A synopsis was posted, and there’s a mention of Bill, which means of course Sookie’s going to get back with Bill. They’re working together, and we all know that “working” is really just a euphemism for “fucking like rabbits on their reunion”.  Jesus Fucking Christ. How many books now has this happened? One of the times, Bill was mentioned as “Sookie’s neighbour” and this was taken to mean that she was broken up with Eric, and would now be dating Bill. Then with Dead Reckoning, Sam was mentioned as “working with”, so of course, Sookie would now be dating Sam. Here’s me hoping that perhaps people won’t look for relationship decrees in the fucking blurb, and being disappointed yet again.

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Heart of a Tiger

Well, I’ve done a post on Bill-as-Eric, but I haven’t done a post on Quinn-as-Eric. He’s relatively popular too, so it’s only fair, with all the suitor confusion. There’s very little Quinn fic in the fandom – but no one needs it when you can make Quinn into Eric. Mostly Quinn as a character called Quinn is wholly dismissed or used as a backup for psychotic Bill – you know – when Bill can’t skeeve Sookie out and drive her into Eric’s arms (a ringing endorsement for Eric uh? “Better than a psychotic stalking rapist”) then Quinn is used to sleaze onto Sookie, so she learns never to stray from Eric’s field of vision.

As Bill becomes more and more of a parody, jacking it in the bushes and such, then Quinn needs to be pulled out. It’s become predictable now – Bill is mentioned, and readers know that’s a pointless segue of Bill-hate, and Quinn is similarly predictable – he’s almost always a jackass. You can’t do anything so outrageous like just leave them out. No, you’ve got to turn Bill, Quinn and occasionally Sam, Preston and Alcide into raving doucheturds, because they’re the only men in the world Sookie could possibly date other than Eric, and she would never look outside this circle of badness if they’re all lunatics, but Eric’s the best of a bad bunch. Lol.

Of course, Quinn is more likely to be given less of a chance than Bill, merely because Sookie slept with Eric, and Sookie was willing to go out with Quinn – even finding them attractive standing side-by-side:

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