The Favour

Yes, of course Waiting-for-Deadlocked is killing me. These last few days are absolute killers. Any time I see the word “spoilers” I am on it so fast. 😀 I foresee that my next post will probably be about the new book. Once I get it, I’m sitting down for a quick and dirty reading because I can’t stand to wait, then an excited squee that I got my fix for the year, then a quick skim over again to make notes, and then posting. 😀 And then the umpteen-bazillion careful re-reads that will mean I can actually weight every word. Oh, and sticking here to avoid the inevitable Sookie and CH hate. I’m doing my best to avoid it right now.

This is just a tiny little post about my thoughts of things. Sometimes there’s a little interaction, and it makes me think about things, and try some deductive reasoning. One of CH’s great strengths is her understanding of characters, so it’s exciting to have an author that you’re able to do it with.

I know that one of the predominant themes is that Sookie being mortal will ruin Eric and Sookie’s relationship. Eric will be forced to leave her for his own emotional wellbeing, or be forced to blib blab blib Meet the Sun blah. In turn, the problems are seen from Sookie’s side that Eric will not be able to give Sookie babies, and therefore, because that’s what she says she’s always dreamed of, she’ll leave him. But apparently, contrary to logic, Sookie has spent years having sex with Eric even though he can’t have children, and her biological clock has been ticking away. If she wants to have babies, damn, she’s doing it wrong by insisting on dating Eric.

I always thought that Sookie’s refusal to become a vampire was actually a huge favour to Eric. It’s what helps him have a relationship with a woman without ballsing it up. Here’s why.

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Side Story Spice Snippets

I was thinking about the side stories to the SVM world – I don’t often re-read them, but I did this time, looking for clues. And yay! I found some really interesting tidbits. I figured I’d share them here, so they can be discussed, and because the little snippets, they bother me and carp at me in the back of my brain. This may not be all of them, but since peeps often wonder about little bits and pieces, I figured I’d do some illuminating.

The Hard Bite

Not again, I hear you say. Let it alone, PMR, you big Eric bully! I know I’ve already dealt with that, but still, you find apology for Eric everywhere. It wasn’t his fault, because he doesn’t understand or know that he’s hurting a mere human (most excellent FrankenEric blundering around hurting humans because he hasn’t connected after 1000 years that all those cries are of pain – what a dumbarse), that it’s Sookie’s fault because she can’t be glamoured, or wasn’t feeling tiptop (ah, blame the victim for getting hurt – totally why the trunk scene wasn’t as erotic as the shower) or that it’s because Eric’s really hungry, and she’s so fairy (meaning never take blood from your wife again, if you can’t control yourself, you arse). If you’ve ever wondered why criminals commit crimes, and don’t feel guilty about it – this is your mechanism. Except criminals provide justification to their own victims in this manner, rather than direct all their sympathy to Eric.

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With a little creative jiggling

Ha! I was listening to A Streetcar Named Desire, when my ears perked up because the old plantation house is called “Belle Reve” in the story. It immediately brought to mind “Belle Rive” as owned by Bill Compton’s descendants. As I’ve pointed out previously, Gone with the Wind is not the only reference in SVM. In Streetcar, Blanche loses the house due to what she calls the “epic fornications” of her ancestors; whereas in SVM, it is the ancestor who saves the house. Clever CH.

Anyway, Stanley mentions the Napoleonic Code in Louisiana, meaning that property is held in common. So I went to look it up because I thought it was an interesting thing to see how law is formed differently in formerly French territories. Us boring criminology types like to do such things for fun. I see now why Mr. Minty complains – Christ we’re boring. 😀

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Fairies Up First

So, as it turned out, the poll was largely for nothing. I had a chance of getting one post out, and that’s it….nah, not really. I promise it won’t all be all fairies here all the time. 😀 I’ve got an idea of where everyone wants me to focus now, and those are for after I’ve devoured and analysed the new excerpt. For those that haven’t read it, an excerpt from Chapter 2 is up here. I’ve had a few people who’ve squeed at me about it already – and I’ve read it…and made notes of statements that caught my eye. For once, all our page numbers will be the same for the excerpt. 😀

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Comfort Food

Lately I’ve been thinking about how things work out in fiction, as opposed to how fanfic often works them out. Most of the time, fanfic is forced (or readers want it to be forced) to be the most conventional story that ever existed. I was discussing that with a few friends by PM – the need to have a fanfic wherein the good get rewarded, the bad get punished, and there’s a sense of justice for the characters. It can be as simple as wanting all the ends tied up and infidelity/deceit punished, or Eric and Sookie together, even if Eric is an abusive rapist; or it can be just the (relatively constant) pleas of “You can’t leave it there! What did they do on their third grandchild’s birthday?”

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Lost In Translation

Okay, so this is supposed to be a small post, but those usually end up at 2,000 words or more, so I don’t know why I bother to let myself fool myself. I am a bad person to me. I should be analysing and writing and cataloguing and more writing, but first I gotta get this one out of my head. The subject is Eric speaking Swedish in fanfic – and why it’s a really bad idea for Alan Ball to do it, why it shouldn’t carry over to fanfic, no matter how much you want to learn the native tongue of the Askars, and go hunting him in his native land.

We’ve been discussing it here, and on behalf of Thyra, one of our resident ice giants, she wants to read less gibberish Swedish. That’s right – most of the Swedish sounds like the Swedish chef is writing it once you put it through Google translator. Considerably less funny when you can understand Swedish I’m sure. But, let’s be honest, most people who do it aren’t doing it for the reader’s benefit. Or they’d think about whether it was just something they find sexy about Show Eric (really Askars because Eric is more likely not to be Swedish than not) or if it fits at all. Perhaps more revealing than the author had intended, not to my taste and rather clichéd now, but not really a cause for ranting.
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The Hard Bite

I was watching this documentary last night that sparked some thoughts.  This is sort of more the philosophical underpinnings of why I think a particular way. Those of us into ethics/philosophy/academia love these sorts of things. If you don’t, pass on by. 😀 This is just to exorcise this particular demon from my brain because it’s blocking me writing on something else. Oh, and before I forget, it seems to me that I’m often thinking something, and end up wanting to make a pictorial illustration of it, so I made a tumblr for those pictures,  so I don’t spam my own journal. I don’t intend to pingback to Twitter and spam the shit out of my followers though, since I hate that when people do it to me. But it’s a place to put things like the pictures I’m going to put in this post, as well as banners, and maybe even desktop pictures I make for myself. I’m not going to be blogging and reblogging pictures – Flickr just wanted too much bullshit from me, and this is the easiest way to create a huge cohesive gallery.

So, I was thinking about this passage:

“You are being a hypocrite, and I will take blood,” he said, and he
struck. It hurt. He didn’t make it feel good, an action almost automatic
for a vampire. Tears ran down my face without my wanting them to.
In an odd way, I felt the pain was merited, justified – but I also
understood this was a turning point in our relationship.

Eric twitched, and I knew he’d heard Bill, knew Eric
realized he should stop. But he didn’t.
I shook myself free of the lethargy and self-loathing, grabbed hold of
Eric’s earlobe, and pinched as hard as I could.

Eric bent down to kiss me, but I flinched. Not with that bloody mouth.
Dead Reckoning, p. 301

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A World of the Mary Sue Erics

I found this nifty little site for doing a tick the box quiz to see if a character is a Mary Sue. They’re popular in fanfic – you know, the character who is desperately unusual, and they’re usually Eric’s ex-girlfriend (read the writer). They’re the sorts of character that enters a room and instantly Eric is enthralled, forgets all about Sookie or she teaches Sookie how to suck eggs, telling Sookie how to make Eric happy, like he was with her. Mary Sue usually puts Bill, Sam and Alcide in their place, and Pam adores her. She basically upstages Sookie at every turn, and does everything perfectly, and the story bends around the character. Mary Sues are self-insertions by the author of the author, but usually they’re idealised insertions of the author’s aspirations and live out the dreams of the author. Bella from  Twilight is a Mary Sue.

I tested Book Sookie on the score – obviously, I could tick any of the boxes about what she shares with CH excepting religion – which I know for sure. But she tested 14, and is: The Non-Sue. Your character is a well-developed, balanced person, and is almost certainly not a Mary Sue. Congratulations! So even if she shares a few more things in common with CH, she still wouldn’t be a Mary Sue.

But most hilariously, I tested fanfic Eric. Not Book Eric, but fanfic Eric. There were some boxes I wanted to tick extra hard:

Is the character rich or well-to-do, although she/he doesn’t work?
Does the character manage to avoid learning from major mistakes?
Does the character ever easily learn a difficult skill (e.g. learn to play guitar in a matter of weeks)?
Is the character astonishingly good at something that is not her/his profession?
Does the character effect a major change in her/his love interest to make said love interest a more appropriate partner?

Fanfic Eric scored 136 and is: Irredeemable-Sue. You’re going to have to start over, my friend. I know you want to keep writing, but no. Just no.

And while I’m here, these are the Mary Sue Erics that have yet to appear: A model? A rock star? A stage actress/actor? A film actress/actor? A dancer? A cop? A ninja? A pirate? An alchemist? A bounty hunter? A mercenary? An assassin? A thief or pickpocket? An outlaw or member of organized crime? A diviner? A hero? A starving artist? A freelance writer? A freelance reporter? An explorer? A pro-athlete? A gymnast?

Fuck writing more teachers and actors, let’s get on board with Ninja Eric! I’m sure he’s magically picked up katana skills or something. He’s fanfic Eric. He can do EVERYTHING.

Here, go, fuck around – nice resource for the writers amongst you to check romanticised traits in your own original characters, if you’re writing them. I’m looking at you elbly, you troublemaker, leading AoifeNZ to the dark side.

Team Sookie Forever


Just in case it hasn’t been made clear to people who come and visit my journal, and the link seems to be being shared.

I am Team Sookie.

I don’t crucify the men in her life, but in the balance of things, I am always on her side. Surprisingly, I will make allowances for Sookie that I don’t for a thousand year old murderer. I don’t hide her faults, I forgive her for them, find them completely reasonable and do not expect perfect behaviour from her at all times. But nor do I expect her to continually reach out to others who are often completely unreasonable, which includes Eric.

If you wish to find somewhere you can talk about how wonderful Eric is, and how Sookie done him wrong, you can look to the rest of the fandom. There are at least five big forums with heaps of discussion anyone can join in, and the regular bashing of Sookie is why you find me at none of them. I’m not interested in having it spelt out just how wrong she is and how she needs to do some more shit for Eric to get him to accept her in his magnificence. I’ve read that before, and I made this journal because I violently disagree with it. You’re not going to be informing me of shit I haven’t read a zillion times and gotten fed up to the back teeth with.

If you make a comment about how Sookie has got to do something more for the men in her life, I’ll publish it as I do with everything, but I’m telling you now that you won’t like my reply. Bash Sookie somewhere else because I am so not interested on your take on how she’s all wrong and letting me know just what ways you think I need to know about. I considered that in the two years before I made this journal and couldn’t find anywhere to talk without someone butting in to tell everyone how much they hated Sookie and what a dumb, worthless bitch she was. Go, fly, find your mates – they’re fucking everywhere – but they’re not me and that’s not here.

King Bill

So, lots of times in my comments, people want to know what I think of True Blood. So I know the finale will be sometime soon in the US, which means I’ll be spoilered about the ending, and watch the reactions. Let me say, I’m laying my own personal odds that if Sookie chooses Eric or whatever the season will be pronounced “good” by a vast majority despite any complaints of its craptacular nature that went before when she was vacillating between Eric and Bill. Eric and Sookie ending up together and boning constitutes “good” fanfic for many people. You can ameliorate the worst of fanfic with an ESN prior to ending.

But, onto what I think so far. I’m up to the episode where Eric is swimming in the pond out the back of Sookie’s. Continue reading