Peppermintyrose Ramblings


This site is a backup of my Livejournal. LJ is my primary site, and it’s where I intend to interact.

But as we all know, Livejournal goes off line due to DDoS attacks every so often, and I’ve gotten frustrated messages about when people will be able to read a post that I might have just posted, but DDoS attacks have taken down LJ.

I really like LJ, particularly the way I can completely customise it, and the way I can use various avatars. WordPress isn’t as personalised for me, as those on my LJ know how much I love to change the colours and coding around, like a pain in the arse. Plus, all my crap is there, and I am a creature of habit.

Not wanting to frustrate peeps who may only spend their weekends reading, I wanted to have a backup. But I don’t really want to transfer over here – so until LJ is down and this site is needed, I’m turning off comments. If you want to come and rant at me, or test my veracity, you have to come to LJ to do so. You don’t need to have an account – all anonymous users are just moderated, so I can’t get the hell spammed out of me.

To find the post you wanna respond to, visit here and choose your pleasure.

In case LJ goes down, I’m leaving this post as the only post able to be commented on – so that if it so happens those in other countries can’t access LJ, they can tell me in the comments on this post. Then I’ll turn on the comments for the last month’s posts. Anything more than that, and for elbly types, I have the rating button. That’ll do. 😀