Holy Flurking Snit! You’re Not Dead!

So, I’ve been gone for ages! I would not be at all surprised if a bunch of you wrote me off as possibly dead and permanently missing in action. I know I have the inbox of a thousand fanfic updates and also pleas of “WHERE YOU GO????” So mea culpa – I feel so damn guilty. Time to explain myself.

First delay – soon after my last post, I was working on the next post, trying to get the theme under control and coherent. I was about to give up when the Minty household acquired a new kitten.

Now, I should say that we haven’t actually ever had a kitten. We got a kitten from a friend of mine way back when, but he was only with us for a short time before our landlord wanted him out. Other than that, we’ve gotten discarded cats that needed a home desperately. My niece has been through about three “Yay kitten!” stages, and we’ve ended up with them once she gets bored. Since she has kids now (and no fucking way am I taking them once the Yay baby! stage wears off) we haven’t had a pet for ages. We were considering a rainbow lorrikeet that was hand-raised, but I have new couches I didn’t want getting bird crap on. So we went with a kitten.

So we got Myth.

myth1myth2Unfortunately, she was dumped in a plastic bag in a garbage bin with her mother, so she’s been a little skittish. She’s also a little needy, as you can imagine – to the point that in the first day or so, she slept on my mouse hand because she couldn’t stand to be alone while sleeping. She still sleeps in the same room as us, wherever we are. And I have noticed that she sits closest in the house to whoever was nicest to her that day as a show of most love and fealty. Of course, she had to be trained not to scratch new couches and such. And of course, it’s like having a new baby in the house (thank god no nappy changes) and there’s only so much you can write if said kitten attacks the mouse cursor on the screen, or sleeps on your hands for a substantial period of time in front of the screen.

She’s the weirdest cat I’ve met so far – rather than generally explore the house and move onto the minutiae, she studies every little thing assiduously and picks her way through it like it’s a minefield. There are parts of our house she didn’t ‘discover’ for weeks, because she’s too busy cataloguing the entire lounge room and what one bit smells like when you move something else and which is the best route to walk across the coffee table now I’ve heedlessly moved my coffee mug to a different co-ordinate which must be remapped from scratch. She’s the first damn cat I’ve met who looks up and studies the pictures on the walls. Never had a cat do that – they only really seem to care about concrete goals, rather than being picky on the décor. Mr. Minty has suggested she’d make a great narcotics cat, or is possibly a spy. 😀

Finally, Myth became somewhat self-sufficient. And then the kids’ school holidays started. As I’ve discussed before, that makes for many, many distractions. No one can write anything when they have to listen to some spiel about the latest Doom map, or answer how much electricity bills are so Son1 can plan to move out. I doubt that Son1 is going anywhere at this point, but he’s still asking questions.

Then, a friend of mine wanted me to help in the recent election – in a campaign a friend of theirs was running. All volunteer work, and all busy emailing and answering questions. That’s when all the constituents call for help, and someone doesn’t know how to work the photocopier. So, that all went well and was a very busy time. Our candidate didn’t win anything but they certainly had lots of emails to answer. I got lots of time to read on my Kindle, going back and forth, but no time to actually do any SVM things.

All is well for me to return to my PC, catch up on the buttload of stories that have updated. I think to myself, “I’ll get a handle on it tomorrow, reply to everything, start emptying my inbox etc. tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll turn my PC off for a long rest until I turn it on to get a fresh start.” Wouldn’t you fucking know it? My power supply failed and said PC wouldn’t turn on the next day. At this point I’m wondering why the universe is conspiring against me, because it’s a full week and I can’t get the PC to the shop with Mr. Minty working nights. The one day that fortnight we have off is also the one day the shop is closed.

I switch to Mr. Minty’s PC when he hops up (like a ninja who steals your office chair warmth and also won’t give your mouse back) and think “Oooh, now’s a good time to log in to Livejournal and do that stuff”. Except someone has saved her passwords too long in her browser and doesn’t fucking remember them any more. And Google made me change a few for my email, so I don’t want to lock myself out forever (since they are never getting my mobile phone number). So that’s that week. Finally, time off leads to PC being put in the shop, and then the long wait for its return.

Since PC is off line I can’t even listen to the audiobook (because that’s what my Ipod charges onto). So it’s been ages since I listened to my SVM audiobooks, and I may have forgotten some of it. Goddammit.

On the plus side, I know (since I got my PC back) that After Dead has just come out so I’ve got that, because I’m desperate to know. Herein follow the spoilers I most wanted to know. Click to find those puppies out on Livejournal.

I feel this is good timing and alleviates some of my guilt at leaving you all hanging, too. I also have a recommendation for those of you who are pining for some Sookie-type goodness. I spent a lot of that reading time on the Kindle reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. I would highly recommend those who miss the amount of shit CH puts Sookie through – because Harry Dresden, Wizard gets put through the same sort of shit. It’s an urban fantasy type set of books – and it has vampires (who doesn’t love Thomas Raith) as well as sorcerers, fairies, big foot and a range of supernatural creatures. And of course, I now have the audio books, which are read by the ever yummy James Marsters (aka Spike from Buffy). I was actually turned onto the books by CH – because she said in some interview or something that she and Jim had a contest to see who could injure their protagonist more (and Jim won). They fill the pining Sookie hole, waiting for CH to come out with her next thing.

So, I’ll be posting a new post to discuss more about the SVM books shortly. I had some luck with that actually – I had enough time to finish one about a month back, because I was sensible enough to save it to Google Docs and then fix it up while I was waiting on some emails for electoral friend. So almost zero delay! Check back in 12 hours for it, or do like a PMR and come back in five months. 😀