Brace for Impact….Squee Level Defcon2

Excitement, excitement! So it’s less than 12 hours until I get my copy of Dead Ever After. Soon after I post this post (and reply to a PM that’s been languishing) I’m going to turn off my computer so that it will be well rested for the big finale, and so that I can make sure my house is clean so that I can just read with no guilt.  The knot of excitement is already building in my stomach at the rollercoaster ride that will be the new book. It’s great to live in the future. My only regret is that I wasn’t born in New Zealand, which is slightly more in the future (Damn you AoifeNZ and Ooshka you gloaty Kiwis).

Fear not, though, because I will actually return as soon as I’ve read the book. I won’t leave you hanging, and will undoubtedly be back within 36 hours, like last time. I have informed my husband that as of midnight, I start ignoring him until all reading is finished, and I should be finished by the time the kids get up again. Of course, they couldn’t give two shits about the Sookie squeeing, so I will not be telling them about what I read – they can miss out on the awesomeness. There will be no hinky man proportions to laugh at, so they will not be interested. Then to basic things you want to do if you want to live, and then posting once the brain has calmed down enough not to just chant SOOOOOOKIIIIIIEEEEE11!!! at my journal page.

If you read the book and make it back here first, I would suggest going over the spoiler posts if you haven’t read them. I have a feeling they will be relevant. Most importantly, the Felipe Futures one. But also the recommendation not to become someone I will rant about in future.

Because we’ve discussed the spoilers and such, and there isn’t much more we can go into without spoiling (plus I am excite!! and thus not able to think clearly) I’m going to post some Mr. Minty sayings, since I haven’t been on Twitter in a while to post them. I even maked them pretty, and suitably Mint-like. And crossposted them to Tumblr. Enjoy.

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