And She Facepalms

I really don’t know how I missed this. But I did have a mindblowing moment, that’s for sure. Okay, so as promised, I was going through If I Had a Hammer to see if there was anything of significance about the story there that could shed light on stuff. I haven’t quite finished thinking about it all – just this bit I worried like a joint of meat.  Please forgive some disjointedness in this post, as I have some sort of cold/flu. I’m coughing, spluttering, sneezing, sweating, I have a fever and I feel like hammered shit. And it’s possible that fever fantasies may not be right. But enough of disclaimers.

Okay, so I listened to this passage from the little short story, and it sparked something in my brain:

I said, “The poor Wechslers found him in the morning in the
bed, all bloody, and they sent for the police.
There was one policeman in Bon Temps then, and he came
right away. Back then, that meant within an hour.”
“You won’t believe who the policeman was, Sam,” Tara said.
“It was a man named Fuller Compton, one of Bill’s descendants.”
I didn’t want to start talking about Bill, who was an ex of mine.

If I Had A Hammer, Home Improvement: Undead Edition, pp. 19-20

I am so silly. Remember how I wondered what the impact of the cluviel dor might be on Sam? Well there’s a possible hint here.

See, I could imagine Tara talking to Sookie about Fuller Compton, but I fail to see why she would point it out to Sam. Sam and Bill are not best-buds. Bill quite dislikes Sam and his importance to Sookie. He tried to drive a wedge between Sam’s importance to Sookie when they were together. Sam doesn’t like Bill (or Eric) much. I can’t see why this would be of interest to Sam. It could just be a way to include exposition that wouldn’t feel natural, but then why not have Sookie think about it internally afterwards? Instead of the above, why not have “Fuller Compton, a descendant of Bill’s” and he was an ex of mine, so I really didn’t want to talk about him, “was the one who arrested…” etc. Instead, Tara tells it to Sam as if there’s a contrast or comparison between Bill and Fuller that Sam would be interested in seeing.

So in the story about a policeman promptly replying to someone who’s bloody, there’s a parallel drawn between Bill and Fuller for Sam. The thing is, I could see it meaning something to Sookie, but not to Sam. I don’t know why Tara would tell Sam unless something had gone down between Sam and Bill. Indeed, Sam doesn’t seem to like any vampire, but he’s had way more contact with Bill – who often comes into the bar. He’s a resident of Bon Temps, and he’s nowhere near as dismissive and hurtful as Eric. Eric and Sam have faced off a few times, but Sam and Bill have only faced off once that I can think of. When Bill cockblocked Sam and Sookie:

“I’m sure you don’t expect me to say I’m sorry for jumping you.” I’d
never seen Sam so angry. I could tell that he was embarrassed that
he hadn’t “protected” me more effectively, that he was humiliated
that Bill had gained the upper hand and furthermore had hurt me.

Dead as a Doornail, p. 144

He’s none too pleased with Bill in that moment, but that’s one of the few times we’ve seen Sam and Bill interacting. Sam has faced off with Eric way more – when he faced down Eric at the back of Merlotte’s, and Eric apologised for telling the shifter that Sookie didn’t need his assistance and left in DAAD, when Eric came to ‘fix’ Sookie after Calvin’s hand (at Sam’s initiative), and when Eric blamed Sam unreasonably for the firebombing at Merlotte’s – saying that Sam was more concerned with the bar than with Sookie’s safety. Sam and Eric have faced off way more than Sam and Bill.

Sam and Bill however, well they seemed to have worked in concert to protect Sookie while Rene Lenier was prowling, and Bill was with Clancy to make sure that the Were Reveal worked out okay. They seem to not like each other very much, but it seems that they don’t really have a relationship. Sam seems to be more likely to approach Eric more, but he certainly doesn’t like him. He got angry at Sookie when he found out that Eric and Sookie were married, that’s for sure.

So why exactly would Sam be interested in Bill’s descendant being a policeman and all round good guy when there’s blood involved? And that’s when I facepalmed that I’d been so fucking blind when I’ve already written about it before. Stupid feverish PMR.

See, what I’m thinking is that the key to Sookie’s spell on Sam is the words that she used:

Sam. Live.” I hardly recognised my own voice.
And the cluviel dor opened at its gold seam, revealing a hollow interior
and the concentrated magic inside it flew out and poured into Sam.
It was clear and shining and otherworldly.

Deadlocked, p. 324

And in that moment, that ‘clear, shining and otherworldly’ magic is in fact fairy magic that’s making Sam live. As previously discussed, fairy blood makes you more:

He just seemed to have an extra helping of vigor and vitality, and it was returning
with a boom now that the misery of his wife’s death was fading. This was his
manifestation of the fairy blood in his veins.

Dead in the Family, p. 168

And we have evidence that the cluviel dor makes houses more attractive to the Fae, and that it was something that made Sookie want it. It should be noted that the fairies wanted it quite desperately – including Niall. They couldn’t resist the damn thing. I think it’s because it is something vital and important, and fairy that makes them want it:

Touching it seemed important, seemed to make it more vital. My
skin warmed it quickly. Whatever lay at the heart of that smooth
pale greenness seemed to quicken. I felt more alive, too.

Deadlocked, p. 139

So it seems to have the very same effect as an actual fairy. Sookie felt comforted and revitalised by fairies, and here is the cluviel dor used quite literally to revitalise someone, make them “live”.

When Sookie was using the cluviel dor on Sam, we know that Eric was yelling in the background and took off. What do you want to bet that Sam has now got a small part of what makes fairies so damn alluring to vampires? I’m thinking that maybe Eric might suspect that. Sure, I can see Eric yelling “I need that” in the background, but I can also see him yelling “Don’t” merely because it would change Sam’s essence. And then taking off because it would have driven a further wedge between him and Sookie if he tried to eat Sam. Eric had earlier come across a Sookie who didn’t want to betray Sam – and resisted betraying Sam even though she hates Jannalynn. I don’t think on top of the Freyda situation he’d be likely to want to have a go at another person Sookie loves. And since he knew about the cluviel dor, he might have surmised what the cluviel dor could do to revitalise Sam, and infuse him with fairy magic.

I’m not suggesting that Sam becomes a full blown fairy or anything silly like that, but the stuff that is fused to his being right now is concentrated, rare essence of fairy magic, which as Eric reminds us, is the very essence of fairies. What we could be looking at is someone like Kym Rowe – part were, with a dash of fairy blood in her veins. Not enough to make Sam a fairy, certainly, but enough to hold an extra allure for vampires. Make him delicious and tasty like Pam said Jason was.

And since Eric doesn’t turn up at Merlotte’s all that often, I wonder, would Bill sniff the only remaining fairy smelling thing and have a go? I mean, Bill is in and out of Merlotte’s all the time. And he’s not going to be expecting Sam to smell like a fairy. That would certainly warrant Tara telling Sam all about how Fuller Compton came to a scene with blood, and didn’t try to eat anyone – as opposed to Bill who tried to take a bite of the renewed Sam.