Eric’s Price of Life is A Couple Hundred Dead Babies

Just in case you missed it, there was also a post I posted (posted posting) yesterday which covers much about hair fluffing and power. I was late this week with my SVM, and I’ve spanked myself and told myself never again. I’m probably a liar, and I’m sure I’ll have to chastise myself again before the year is out. Bad me. Now that the ritual whipping is done, onto True Blood. What am I saying? That whipping is nowhere near as bad as watching this show. I’m clearly too easy on myself.
Something Good Actually Happened a.k.a Shut up Buttplug

Oh man. Sam as Luna as Sam – how brilliant was that? He truly is a wonderful actor, Sam Trammel. His scenes were a subversive joy. To be honest, I think one of the only reasons that I still watch this show is that while it has dodgy script moments, plot holes big enough to hide the Eiffel Tower in, and a completely fucked storyline, the actors really save everyone’s arses. So many good actors in this – and I think Sam Trammel is certainly one of the standout performances. If only he didn’t have completely shit storylines and scripts to work with nine times out of ten.

One of the good things about this show is that it’s allowed this man to really showcase his talent. I hope that some time soon he’ll be paired with a great script and consistent storylines, because I would enjoy the hell out of that. I think ASkars too has shown his versatility – particularly in Season 2 when he made out like he was just a big gangly fool to the FotS. So too some of the less prominent actors like the guy who plays Andy, or the woman who plays Arlene. Certainly Rutina Wesley (Tara) is fan-damn-tastic too. There’s a whole host of great acting that saves the arse of this show. Having Andy and Sam team up together? Brilliant. Now if only we could get Sam back working in Merlotte’s, the only bad we’d have to put up with is Holly with that gurning face. And hope Sookie has forgotten about work again. And un-vamp Tara. Then all would be right with the world.

Or She Could be ALIVE Dumbarse

Jason is a terrible brother. Now that’s he’s finally laid the guilt on Sookie and she’s taken it on board that she shouldn’t blame herself, Jason’s happy to listen to her blame herself. One of the “benefits” of Sookie having telepathy is that she can talk to Gran one last time? How about one of the downsides is that due to Bill’s involvement with Sookie, Gran is dead thanks to Jason’s friend. I suppose we should feel lucky that Jason hasn’t worked out cause and effect yet, or he’d remind Sookie not to blame herself even though she’s totally to blame.

Anna Paquin is a terrible actress. Really bad. She constantly vacillates between confused puppy, and artful stupidity – and her shooting her light rays into sky was left looking like she was acting. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste any of that good acting ability getting women who can pull it off successfully. I mean, they’re just going to act stupid anyway, right?

It was “nice” the way Jason automatically assumed Sookie’s telepathy was a tool for his use. Like since he decided to find out who killed their parents, of course Sookie would help with whatever his mission of the month was. I don’t know why she’s helping him since he sold her house – but we’ve forgotten about that. And then after he’s made the decision of what to do, and bullied everyone else into it, he blames Claude when it goes wrong. And no one calls him on it.

I’m not sure who the vampire is that has killed Sookie’s parents. I’m going with – thanks to the look of the chin with its divot – either Russell or Godric. I don’t really care. If it’s some cannon fodder vamp, he’ll be killed quickly to solve this problem, and if it’s one of the regular cast – Bill or Eric or whatever – Sookie will find some reason to forgive them or say they didn’t mean it. There’s no real tension, because frankly, I don’t care about what happened to her parents. Vampires out to drink Sookie’s blood is not a new theme – it’s an old, tired one. And it’s her only value seemingly to the rest of the cast – and why we have to hear about the Authority bullshit.

Magic Mike Marketing Hour

I see in the desperate bid for ratings, they’ve decided to cash in on Joe M.’s gyrating backside by giving us MOAR gyrating backside. I’m not sure that that would bring more of the viewers in that will actually stick with the show – but nice try. I suspect that if that scene had any viewing power, it’s clipped and uploaded on Youtube for the fapping pleasure of those who run that way. Certainly – without the backstory there’s not enough actual story to pull in new viewers. Hell – there’s hardly enough to keep existing ones.

I tend to zone out when sex scenes are on television, so I often find myself pondering to the backdrop of soft porn. What I wondered is since when did Alcide become a storyline? I really don’t give much of a shit about him, and he’s a terrible actor. Not to mention that I doubt there’s really anyone interested in badly done were politics that wouldn’t settle for badly done vampire politics. You have to have plot to do politics well *inserts another plug for Breaking Bad*.

And the lines they give this guy? Drinking V tarnishes the whole pack? That would be the same pack that just recently ate their old packmaster…so what exactly fine upstanding reputation do they have to tarnish? And since were packs all around the place seemingly live to be vampire lapdogs, whose opinion actually matters? For Hotshot to Jackson, weres are all over the place trying to get vampires to pay attention to them. I’m not clear why they do, but Alcide seems to hearken back to a time when weres weren’t like those little yipping Schnauser dogs vying for vampire attention – and there’s no evidence that actually existed. Weres knew about vampires before they came out – even as far back as the fucking Viking era they were serving their vampire masters. This, Alcide, you knucklehead, is the fucking way of the Were.

Pam Doesn’t Like Money

I’m not clear why Pam runs a bar. She doesn’t like making money to all appearances. Firstly, there’s just her and Tara rattling around in there, and then instead of letting that girl buy lots of drinks, and selling that guy his martini, Pam would rather have lukewarm half flat beer as the free drinks all around. Of course, mymilkshakebringsallthevampstotheyard can even get abducted from the dance floor and Pam doesn’t give a shit.

I don’t find it endearing that she lets Tara drink some girl in revenge for whatever went on in high school – but it’s Pam’s modus operandi, right? Get some girl, and victimise her for your own gain. And then get another girl for her to victimise. It doesn’t make it all better that the spectre of Tara obeying Pam like a slave dog is still there – just now Tara gets her own victim to abuse. I’m not sure why perpetuating abuse is seen as some sort of powerful thing for Tara to do – she’s still constrained by society’s expectations and Pam, Pisspot Dictator.

I think the only guy who’s ever been bitten by a vampire – been a fangbanger – is Hoyt, and he’s making sure to be angry and rageful about it. They’ve got a nice theme going on there – only women getting bitten and killed features on screen most of the time – including the karaoke bar scene, and only women actually put up with it because of love and wanting to serve. Now if they could just tie that back into the slut shaming they’re doing, they’d have a nice cohesive theme – albeit one they seemingly have in mind already with Ginger.

Please Andy, Have Your Taser ask Great-Granddaddy’s Nuts to the Dance

Oh Bill and his angst. How much angst is Bill going through? Lots apparently. I’m not sure why this is considered by Ball to be Bill’s first foray into the darkside. I wonder how much it shames Hudis that he forgot ohhh….the moment he left Sookie at Merlotte’s so he could go off with Malcolm, Liam and Diane in Season 1, the huge arse betrayal of Sookie in Season 2 complete with complimentary draining and Tara ditching him out of the truck, the stripper Bill killed with the happy thought that she was suicidal anyway and twisting Lorena’s head around in Season 3, and all the humans he murdered because they were witches in Season 4. Not to mention all the copious flashbacks to his time with Momma Lorena, when he was killing prostitutes and eating party girls. This is gentle Bill who’s kind to humans? I don’t remember this character. Although – it occurs to me, the victims were predominantly woman – so they probably don’t count as “real humans” to Hudis.

And since when is the last time Bill used glamour on a victim to make them feel good while he was killing the poor things? I think Jessica was the last time, and he was banned. Ordinarily though, most of the time, Bill likes to kill them while they’re fully aware and fearful. I’m not sure when he’s been gentle. I remember when he demanded Sookie’s blood alright. In fact, that scene has one of my favourite gifs ever:

I’m not sure why Sarah remembered what her father looked like. She would have been 3 or 4 when Daddy left for the Civil War and didn’t return, and then in the intervening time of 60 or so years? I doubt anyone has that good a memory. I also wondered if Bill missed her “every hour of every day” while he was fangs deep in some of those prostitutes, killing them all. That’s a comforting thought, right? That while he’s raping and killing that 1920’s flapper – he’s thinking about his little girl.

Your View of Book Eric is that he’s a Coward?

So one of the spoilers I read this last week was that Eric was suddenly similar to Book Eric. Now, I know there is this wholly pervasive myth that Eric doesn’t kill people – despite him doing it on the damn page. And despite Eric killing people on screen – ie. that chick he just killed – there seems to be this belief that Eric doesn’t kill people on screen too. I don’t know what the hell they think of Book Eric, but he’s a real arsehole to them apparently. Like mega-arsehole coward of the first order.

Eric just wandered around and watched everything happen, all the while making out like it sickened Godric and was wrong. Book Eric watches injustices happen all the time, but he never pretends to moral outrage and disgust. He thinks of Sookie’s trunk rape as “rocky” relationship troubles – so it doesn’t really surprise me that he does nothing to punish Bill or protest Bill generally. He wonders why Sookie walks away from Bill – in light of her fucking rape and draining. When he doesn’t act, it’s kind of understandable – that moral judgement has long since died. It’s even more understandable in light of the years of rape he endured at Appius’ hands.

Show Eric apparently thinks though, that all of this is morally indefensible, and yet he does nothing. It seems to me that Show Eric is a huge fucking coward. He knows it’s wrong, but he’ll allow it to continue because it’s too scary to think of standing up for what’s right. In reality, Show Eric, if he caught Andre trying to give Sookie blood in a hallway, would look on grinning in case Andre might hurt him or something. He’s the biggest moral coward I’ve ever seen.

But I continue to be comforted that Eric gives more of a shit about Nora and what Nora’s doing, than about the babies being eaten in other rooms. This is apparently a coward I can really look up to with his astounding moral fortitude. Because people high, lying around on couches? They’re some of the most difficult captors to escape.

I’m Gonna Bomb Your House into the Ground, Missy

I could not resist a The Simpsons reference. It really has me flummoxed though – who are the mainstreamers the Authority are going to get rid of? And did they forget they’re still called THE AUTHORITY – almost like they have power to make decrees and what-not? Nope – let’s take on the more difficult task of blowing up factories while high, instead of just issuing an All-Vamp-Bulletin it’s hunting season.

So who are the mythical mainstreamers that drink True Blood? Have you seen one? Last one I saw was Eddie – and Jason did away with him tout de suite motherfucking years ago. Bill talked a good game in Season 2 with Jessica – while he was simultaneously on an all-Sookie diet, and Eric, Pam and apparently Tara have never been on bottled blood. The Authority? Maybe – but they’re the ones making rules. Jessica drinks from people. Sophie Anne and Russell had stables of people sitting around for their drinking pleasure. Franklin Mott similarly never sat down with a bottle and Nan Flanagan was made out to be a complete hypocrite and liar on that front by Russell. So if the True Blood factories blow up, it’ll be like a tree falling in the forest – vampires can’t hear it because they’re currently buried in someone’s femoral vein.

I’m not sure who they’re trying to prevent – maybe all those humans who get blood transfusions from synthetic blood – the real life use of the actual drink in the books. Well that’s good – Eric can stand around like a moral coward and watch them get killed while internally shaking his head at the horror, Bill can have momentary angst that none of his victims were saved with a blood transfusion and the rest of vampire kind can completely forget that synthetic blood wasn’t fucking made for them. It was made for humans, for goodness sake – but nice paradox you’ve got going on there.

My Recommendation

My next recommendation is Donnie Darko. Didn’t even break even at the box office, which is a real shame because it’s really good. One of those movies that sticks with you, and deals with moral cowardice in a way I can get behind – without deifying those who are and ignoring their cowardice.

This is all about the choices that we make with regards to our own fate. Donnie is afraid of dying alone, and as it turns out, some supernatural power gives him the ability to avoid his fate of dying when a plane engine falls on his house. Alive in this time/space tangent, he has a series of adventures. When it comes down to it though, Donnie’s got to make a choice on whether he continues to live on and inflict pain on those he loves, or if he goes with what is the ultimate plan that a divine being has set for him. And what is the nature of divine being’s intentions, and what we will do for others.

It really poses some interesting ideas about what price your life? Not only that, but it deals with time travel and paradoxes in a way that blowing up factories where they make synthetic blood just doesn’t.