Actual Equal Treatment

So, on the erstwhile promises that there was some good stuff about Sookie out there, and that Eric was finally catching hell, I went out into the fandom. I think it was a mistake, judging by the anger I’m now boiling with over the reactions to the new book Deadlocked. Sure, Eric didn’t get unmitigated praise, but what I did read was that both Sookie and Eric were equally culpable for their communication issues, and their mistrust of one another, and that both tests of love were somehow just equal.

Since the Sam post will be going up in a couple of days, and then more postings, I want to make my stance clear on what actual equal treatment means to me.  So please to enjoy this little fanfic wholly inspired by Deadlocked:


I had to go and see Sookie to discuss her impending marriage to Preston. She didn’t love him, but she wanted to do what made Niall happy. I thought that she should ignore what her fairy sire wanted if she really loved me. It was an hour past darkness when I pulled up to her house, and I let myself in. Sookie wasn’t in the kitchen, but I heard heavy breathing coming from her bedroom. I pushed open the door.

Sookie was there, sitting with her back to Bill, in his embrace. He had his wrist to her mouth and I could see she was drinking from him. Bill’s other hand was…he was pleasuring himself as she drank. As soon as they saw me, they stopped and Bill stood up and said “It ain’t my fault your woman was dying…”

He left in quite a hurry when Sookie glared at him, but she remained sitting on the side of the bed.
The bed where we first made love. The bed where she slept.
She spoke directly to me. “I was fatally injured.”
She got up, gingerly testing her legs, but I could see that standing wasn’t easy. She wiped a drop of blood from her face. Her eyes closed. “Delicious.”

Now, so we don’t have PMR-goes-bug-arse-crazy-in-comments when I next post, then think about what it truly means to be equal, and treat characters equally. After all – in this book, Eric just caught her looking at a computer screen with another man and started acting like an arsehole. Think about how acceptable and equal you would find their actions, the doubting of love if it was Eric who saw what Sookie saw. This is adapted from the text of the book, and I can guarantee I’ll go batshit on any arse who suggests here that they’re equally culpable and prideful. So this is how you won’t have a PMR screaming at you.