With a little creative jiggling

Ha! I was listening to A Streetcar Named Desire, when my ears perked up because the old plantation house is called “Belle Reve” in the story. It immediately brought to mind “Belle Rive” as owned by Bill Compton’s descendants. As I’ve pointed out previously, Gone with the Wind is not the only reference in SVM. In Streetcar, Blanche loses the house due to what she calls the “epic fornications” of her ancestors; whereas in SVM, it is the ancestor who saves the house. Clever CH.

Anyway, Stanley mentions the Napoleonic Code in Louisiana, meaning that property is held in common. So I went to look it up because I thought it was an interesting thing to see how law is formed differently in formerly French territories. Us boring criminology types like to do such things for fun. I see now why Mr. Minty complains – Christ we’re boring. 😀

I don’t think that this will be used in the books – very much the outside chance. But really, it got me to thinking how uncreative fanfic can be, because the solution to the marriage of Eric and Sookie is usually just to have Sookie admit she’s over the moon to be married to Eric, and nothing more is done. Occasionally she’ll get Eric to offer what he terms a “proper wedding” – meaning he just undermined the pledging as not really married, and negated his own arguments:

“…since we’re married – something I’ve insisted on and you’ve belittled…”
Dead in the Family, p. 244

So now it’s Eric’s turn to belittle the marriage he wanted, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Alternatively, Sookie in turn will ask him and of course, Sookie never notices she’s just been swindled into asking Eric to human marry her while he never asked her in the first place either. Luckily, that fanfic Sookie is as dumb as a post, and has trouble remembering things, so she never realises.

That doesn’t jiggle my inner justice bone though – seeing as Eric has never given Sookie reason past “Felipe wanted you” in order to marry her. I’ve always thought it would be a spectacular piece of trolling if Sookie married Eric to keep him in Louisiana, and told him that Freyda wanted him, and left it at that. Her current tactics aren’t working (at least for the moment) so I figure something will have to break. That one gives me special joy – to do it back to him and smile. 😀

One possibility is the Napoleonic Code – this particular law made me laugh:

Married persons owe to each other fidelity, succor, assistance. Source

So, Sookie could always trick Eric into marrying her (not difficult) by tricking him into signing the papers and take him on a surprise date to the registry office. Akin to giving a knife to someone and being surprise married without knowing about it. And then Eric can argue that the vampire marriage to Freyda can’t be consummated, and thus invalid because under the human laws, he owes her fidelity. Therefore he can’t consummate the marriage without breaking the human laws – which as a mainstreaming vampire is important.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish fanfic would get a little more creative like this, rather than the standard solutions. It all seems a little sad that it’s rushed along without much thought given to tackling problems in a real way, or a new way. I get that AH has plenty of options – or at least it seems that way – but most often, it doesn’t.

So here are some great twists on canon – ones that are relatively unique – stories I appreciate because they’re not a rehash of meet-date-screw-love-relationship discussions/angst-HEA resolved of AH, or the canon version, which is Sookie discovers everything Eric wants is her own heart’s desire, marriage, extended telling off of everyone else barring Eric, thence to turning. With possible surprise codicil of babies. I have read so many versions of that. So many. Enough to know I don’t want that in the books, and it bores the shit out of me. When I figure out how to depict Sookie sleeping all the time and staring at the wall, while being married to that version of Eric (because she’s usually only actually doing anything when they’re having sex – she quits her job and friends) then that puppy will be up.

Through the Fairy Door – Sookie and some foul mouthed pixies.

Mantra – Sookie runs into Eric and melons.

You Get Your Life Back – Man, if True Blood was like this, I would so be the biggest fan. *Sigh*

For those of you who like to read new stuff, that’s not a rehash of the same old sex scenes, where you don’t have to “innovate” with rape or with splashing rivers of juices and cum, some not so conventional pieces of PWP:

A moment of control: So you know what pegging is, right? Warning for pegging.

Mistress Sookie: I mentioned something about Sookie rarely if ever getting to be the dominant one in fanfic. Thyra follows me around and listens, determined to blacken my name by posting porn and thanking me for the idea.

Don’t move, Eric Northman : I should definitely keep my mouth shut around Thyra.

Riding the Fire Truck : Yay! For once, not one related to a casual remark I made to Thyra.

Never Reupholster your Bedroom Chair: Pam and Sookie femslash. Treasure the femslash – there is so little of it.

And yes, I know I’ve been completely absent this week – I am thesising, and thus, largely unavailable. Reading and reviewing is suffering as well.