Fairies Up First

So, as it turned out, the poll was largely for nothing. I had a chance of getting one post out, and that’s it….nah, not really. I promise it won’t all be all fairies here all the time. 😀 I’ve got an idea of where everyone wants me to focus now, and those are for after I’ve devoured and analysed the new excerpt. For those that haven’t read it, an excerpt from Chapter 2 is up here. I’ve had a few people who’ve squeed at me about it already – and I’ve read it…and made notes of statements that caught my eye. For once, all our page numbers will be the same for the excerpt. 😀

I’m going to put my spoilers behind the cut, and give initial impressions.

Now, one of the things that’s making me ultra curious is the fact that we don’t have Chapter One. I’m betting that something is going on in Chapter One that has to do with Eric. CH has gotten a bit sick of the suitor wars – she has shut down the individual threads on her forum, and of course, she doesn’t understand the fervent Eric deification. And I think I’ve made it clear, neither do I. Eric is no saint. So I think along with her not doing sex scenes in the books, she’s trying to shift the focus onto something that isn’t Eric. You know – all those plotlines completely ignored by fanfic and fans. Not to mention, it doesn’t matter how much information she puts out about what’s going on with Sookie’s relationships, people always ask more questions. So I’m pro fairy-excerpt.

It has two characters I quite like in it – Mustapha Khan and Dermot. That works out well, because I was wondering about Dermot for a post on him – so this is good fodder. For all those who’ve read my post about Niall, I’m sure that the touching, breathing and kissing was all just leaping off the page for them. 😀 I know it was for me. I don’t think I’ve ever scrutinised a kiss so much. 😀

I’m also betting, based on these two quotes:

Somewhere he’d acquired a pair of denim overalls, and since he wasn’t wearing a
shirt underneath he looked like he was about to take his place in the stripper
lineup from the night before as The Sexy Farmer with the Big Pitchfork.

Deadlocked Excerpt, pp. 7-8I’d been about to explain that Dermot had been the one who’d worked late, while I’d only watched him work, but at Mustapha’s tone I cancelled that plan.
Deadlocked Excerpt, p. 10

That Sookie was at Hooligans and possibly that Dermot may have been stripping. Sookie mentions having a late night – so I think that she must have been at Hooligans watching Dermot and Claude stripping.  Hopefully we’ll get more information on what’s going on with the remnants of fairies left behind.

And of course, the other questions – like why is Niall suddenly back, and what got him back? What does Pam’s warning mean? Who cursed Dermot? I have theories on who cursed Dermot, but I’ll have to do a re-read, so until then, you’ll have to wait.

I’m going to have to think on Pam’s warning. I know it’s being lauded that Sookie will have to fight for Eric. I think most of my regular readers know I don’t believe that she does – and nor do I think that’s how Sookie is oriented. She says:

The thin cracks in our relationship would only spread wider if we didn’t get to spend time together.
Deadlocked Excerpt, p.12

Since she’s complaining about not being able to spend time with him – going along with Eric’s plan and schedule – then I don’t think that that warning is going to be all about how she needs to fight for him. Sookie can’t spend more time with Eric if he doesn’t co-operate. It’s not Sookie who said she can’t come see Eric – no, it’s Eric not coming to see Sookie – and this is his design, not hers. So if it’s a message to come and fight for Eric, it’s a pretty crap one, since Mustapha being there means she’s supposed to stay away.

So, a post on Fintan and Dermot will be up next – and that’s when I’ll deal with all the questions this excerpt raised. Maybe one on Pam if I figure it out, and maybe one on Felipe. I love speculating on happenings. And then back to what scored highly on the poll.

But for everyone else – you can stop telling me – I’ve read the excerpt. 😀 I appreciate the kindness very much – but I just want to make sure everyone knows I’ve read it. 🙂

Now I’ll think about avoiding the wailing about what a bitch Sookie is, and how CH is going to break Eric and Sookie up. Goddamn romance readers. Every year, my estimation of them goes down – not just because they read romance but because after four fucking years they’re still panicking if the relationship isn’t Arthurian mansions where Eric is King and Sookie is a doormat. That’s a special kind of stupid – not learning year after year. And they call Sookie stupid. Holy fuck. It’s a little closer to home sweetheart. Sookie might read romances, but she doesn’t rend her clothes in tough times. Woman up and take it like a Sookie.