Cohabitation Commiserations

Okay, so one of the other things that polled well was surprise, surprise, a post about Eric and Sookie. AoifeNZ decided it would be about moving in. Blame her if you don’t like it, and then blame yourself for not commenting with an alternate view – it’s really your own fault. This is an easy Christmas present I have time to trot out while I’m feeling lazy and full and my brain isn’t working so well.

I’m going to deal with the spectre of Eric and Sookie living together. I know in fanfic, Sookie often uproots her entire life, goes to Eric and it’s smooth as – but this is fantasy, and often unsatisfying writing. It has to be smooth, cause house hassles don’t have any boning in them. In all fairness, doormat Sookie doesn’t have anything to say about anything, so moving house isn’t going to make her open her submissive mousey mouth; and some of these writers haven’t lived with anyone else, so they don’t know….or they just do what their husbands tell them.

I must say, that I’m pretty sure that Sookie will move in with Eric – but when I look at the problems it presents, I have a little doubt. I would say I’m about eighty percent sure that Sookie’s going to move in with him – but this is not a hundred percent.

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Fa-Heir-ys Apparent

I know Christmas is almost here, because there was the first of many Christmas beetles harassing me here in sub-fucking-tropical Brisbane. They’re pretty – we had a yellow one and not a green one – but they’re noisy buggers flying around making it sound like your house is being broken into. They try to bash their brains out on any piece of glass, light coloured wall and light they can find. Sooner or later, they’ll fall prey to the asian house geckos currently infesting Australia – who have fights like cute little stop motion mini-monsters, and battle frequently over the territory behind the favoured picture. And everything smells nicely of peppermint, because Australia has one million ants per square fucking inch. I complain of ants a lot, and may someday soon surround my desk with a ring of talcum powder. So no bitching about snow. You will get no sympathy from me, sweating my arse off. Snow doesn’t sneak into your elbow crease and bite you like you are made of sugar.

So, one of the primary characters featured in the excerpt is Dermot, and this post was already half started – so that makes it easy for the Christmas season. For my part, I really enjoyed Dermot in Dead Reckoning, much like I enjoyed Jason in Dead in the Family. Whereas Jason was a stand-up guy (finally) for Sookie in DITF, Dermot gave off more dodgy vibes to lots of readers. I think what I liked about Dermot so much was that he was completely undemanding to Sookie, and was nice to her. That goes a long way in my book for liking a character. Sookie has enough arses in her life. After all, Eric is giving off dodgy vibes too (secret impending divorce and marriage to Queen of Oklahoma) and he’s actually been an arse to her (the hard bite). So Dermot’s already one ahead of Eric in my estimation.

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Fairies Up First

So, as it turned out, the poll was largely for nothing. I had a chance of getting one post out, and that’s it….nah, not really. I promise it won’t all be all fairies here all the time. 😀 I’ve got an idea of where everyone wants me to focus now, and those are for after I’ve devoured and analysed the new excerpt. For those that haven’t read it, an excerpt from Chapter 2 is up here. I’ve had a few people who’ve squeed at me about it already – and I’ve read it…and made notes of statements that caught my eye. For once, all our page numbers will be the same for the excerpt. 😀

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Life and Death

Okay, so this one is another request number…well kind of. I would have gotten around to it, but it was hummingbirds2 who pushed it up the schedule, and it was a top scorer on the poll early on, so I went straight to work on it some more. I’m still reading the poll for what’s next, so don’t lose heart. One of the things I like about request numbers is the fact that they come with questions. I find it difficult sometimes to put in my holistic view of the books – so questions give me focus on what everyone else might want to know.

Firstly, I’m going to deal with Niall’s plan and the spectre of Gift Wrap, which was one of the questionsIt’s one of focus of a tenacious conspiracy theory because CH said:

I wrote the story to let the reader know something important about Niall.
The Sookie Stackhouse Companion, p. 213

For some reason, the rather bizarre phenomenon of “fairy breeding program” was built up around one night of sex. It even made it into True Blood mythology as a spoiler that was wrong. For those of you who haven’t heard the theory, the idea is that Preston was sent to Sookie to get her pregnant with fairy DNA, with a variety of outcomes. Sometimes it’s so that Niall can harvest telepaths from Sookie. Sometimes it’s a wedding gift for Eric and Sookie, and if Eric Renfields Sookie enough, the baby will magically be his; sometimes it’s so that some human with a dab of fairy can reinvigorate a dying race – buggered if I know how that can be achieved with human/fairy hybrids, but that’s the theory. Usually all the outcomes involve babies as a gift or a pawn for Niall and Eric. Sookie is just the vehicle for the men – she gets to snuggle babies until Eric comes and swoops them up for an extended scene of him changing nappies and trying to lactate, and then dog in a handbag time.

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Tis the Season

Crap. I’ve just realised the first chapter of Deadlocked is going to be coming out soon. I just don’t have the time to do all the things I want to do, dammit. I kinda wish I had the time to write a post a day. Once that chapter comes out, I’m going to be theorising on all the new stuff she’ll give us, and I’m still bogged down in fairies. Damn those fairies.  I love the depth – so much – but I find it all so difficult to get it out to people.

So the ritualised wailing has come. A synopsis was posted, and there’s a mention of Bill, which means of course Sookie’s going to get back with Bill. They’re working together, and we all know that “working” is really just a euphemism for “fucking like rabbits on their reunion”.  Jesus Fucking Christ. How many books now has this happened? One of the times, Bill was mentioned as “Sookie’s neighbour” and this was taken to mean that she was broken up with Eric, and would now be dating Bill. Then with Dead Reckoning, Sam was mentioned as “working with”, so of course, Sookie would now be dating Sam. Here’s me hoping that perhaps people won’t look for relationship decrees in the fucking blurb, and being disappointed yet again.

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