Team Sookie Forever

Just in case it hasn’t been made clear to people who come and visit my journal, and the link seems to be being shared.

I am Team Sookie.

I don’t crucify the men in her life, but in the balance of things, I am always on her side. Surprisingly, I will make allowances for Sookie that I don’t for a thousand year old murderer. I don’t hide her faults, I forgive her for them, find them completely reasonable and do not expect perfect behaviour from her at all times. But nor do I expect her to continually reach out to others who are often completely unreasonable, which includes Eric.

If you wish to find somewhere you can talk about how wonderful Eric is, and how Sookie done him wrong, you can look to the rest of the fandom. There are at least five big forums with heaps of discussion anyone can join in, and the regular bashing of Sookie is why you find me at none of them. I’m not interested in having it spelt out just how wrong she is and how she needs to do some more shit for Eric to get him to accept her in his magnificence. I’ve read that before, and I made this journal because I violently disagree with it. You’re not going to be informing me of shit I haven’t read a zillion times and gotten fed up to the back teeth with.

If you make a comment about how Sookie has got to do something more for the men in her life, I’ll publish it as I do with everything, but I’m telling you now that you won’t like my reply. Bash Sookie somewhere else because I am so not interested on your take on how she’s all wrong and letting me know just what ways you think I need to know about. I considered that in the two years before I made this journal and couldn’t find anywhere to talk without someone butting in to tell everyone how much they hated Sookie and what a dumb, worthless bitch she was. Go, fly, find your mates – they’re fucking everywhere – but they’re not me and that’s not here.