Sookie vs. Sookie

Okay, this one was a request number. Thyra asked me to catalogue how Book Sookie is different from True Blood Sookie, because I’ve mentioned it here and there on Twitter and by PM, and she wanted the total picture. I’ve mentioned it here and there, but now I’m gathering it all together for her bad memory. Since I’m good at the endless cataloguing, then I was the natural choice. 😀

Just to let you all know, it might take me a little longer to reply. My computer is being repaired tomorrow – I have some leaking capacitors and I need a new CPU, motherboard and power supply. I made the guy promise me a full day for it to be done and over. But I’ve found that men in workshops can sometimes be dirty, rotten liars. 😀 If you’re waiting, might I recommend this story or this story – they’re both all kinds of awesome.

So this doesn’t become a list of sorts, I’m going to show the difference between the two by judging those actions on the overall impression they give of Sookie’s character. Oh, and I should mention that I haven’t seen Season 4 – it starts here on August 18th. I know I could watch it online, but I just am not the fervent fan to do that. Plus, every single year I’ve enjoyed listening to the overblown complaints about stuff, and then finding out it’s not going to be as bad as I thought. I don’t mind being spoilered, or I wouldn’t have read the books after I saw the first episode.

Also, just a disclaimer – this won’t be a totally exhaustive list scene by scene, but in big moments where it makes a difference. I don’t have an extensive encyclopaedic knowledge of the show that I do of the books – and there’s a reason for that. The books don’t have holes of logic one can drive a truck through. They have inconsistencies, like whether Sookie has a dishwasher or not, but True Blood has shit Sookie forgets one day to the next. Like the fact that vampires are killers.

Season 1

Okay, the show kept to the book storyline for the most part, but there were differences in Sookie I didn’t appreciate for the overall impact they had on her character, or rather that delineate Show Sookie from Book Sookie. It’s a pity that for all the complaints about TB in general, things can’t be kept clear in fanfic writers’ heads. I hate to see Show Sookie bleeding into Book Sookie.

Sookie and the Raid on Fangtasia

In the books, Sookie didn’t point Eric out of a crowd (because Eric has no retarded throne in the books – you know, the kind the Fellowship can aim for when they attack him and the sort that doesn’t help Eric blend into the anonymity of being random vampire in a bar and enabling him to hide the fact that there’s vampire power structure unbeknownst to humans) and ask about him. It was Bill who pointed Eric out, and that Eric had scanned Sookie twice. Bill pointed Eric out – Sookie didn’t know there was anything special about Eric at all – he’s just a vampire, an old scary vampire sitting with another vampire, at a table. She doesn’t know he is anyone important – that he owns the bar, that he has any authority over other vampires.

In the show, Sookie knows the minute she looks at Eric up there on his stage and stupid throne, that there is something different about Eric. He must have authority to be sitting in a throne in the first place. I can assure you, I drink coffee at work quite regularly, and they don’t have a throne for me at all 😦 – probably because I don’t own and rule my work as supreme leader. So Eric is obviously someone of power, and obviously owns the bar. I mean, you don’t buy a throne for someone who doesn’t own the bar, right? Eric on the show has overtones of power that go beyond his age – there’s some definite indications that he’s someone with more than just the power of age.

Show Sookie is stupid to tell Eric that they need to get out of the bar. For a start, that’s indicating to Eric she doesn’t mind avoiding any laws – as long as they don’t apply to her. That’s over and above Bill or Eric – she’s positively panicked like she has half a key of blow up her arse. She’s also kinda looking to ingratiate herself to a vampire – as if he was someone that she owed favours to. The fact that he summoned her over, like King Shit, rather than the Sookie and Bill who approached him in the books indicates that Bill is Eric’s bitch. Telling him directly about the raid is a really, really stupid thing to do. There’s every indication in that that Sookie should be scared of Eric, who gets vampires to do stuff he tells them.

One could argue that book Sookie could have deduced that book Eric had power. I think that’s a leap that’s made with no logic at all. I mean, if Thalia is in Fangtasia, no one assumes that she’s the Sheriff or Queen right? She’s older than Sophie Anne, and Eric. Age means strength, but it doesn’t mean automatically the authority that people think it does. It’s not even the assumption one should make, because Bill says:

“He’s the oldest thing in this bar.”
Dead Until Dark, p. 105

That’s in one vampire bar – not the entire state or Shreveport or anything else. Eric might be the oldest vampire there at that particular moment, and he’s sitting at a table like a regular old vampire. Sookie’s only ever met one at that stage – Bill – and there’s no indication that Bill or Eric is the norm. So that’s not a leap of logic to make – that he’s the oldest vampire currently in Shreveport and thus the leader of them. Vampires take pains to keep all that hierarchy stuff under their hats – so Sookie would have to be psychic to know – she didn’t know there was a Queen until Bill and Eric told her. It’s not ipso facto that vampires have their own hidden power structure.

Of course in the books, it’s Bill that lets Eric know that there’s a raid, and it’s only when Bill can’t explain how he knows about the raid that Sookie leaps in to get the heat off Bill and lets Eric know she’s got telepathy. She didn’t blurt it out as if there’s nothing to fear. For fuck’s sake – she’s a telepath – she doesn’t goddamn blurt. Otherwise someone would have left her dead in a ditch sometime for blurting out one too many times that someone’s husband was having an affair. A raid isn’t that alarming. In fact, in the books, Sookie lays her head back against the seat of the booth and wonders if they’d be able to get out of there before the police get in there. She doesn’t go en pointe like a freaking panicked hunting dog at the thought of police.

Gran’s Death and the Night with Bill

In the books, Sookie does scream over and over when she finds Gran. It’s pretty horrifying to come across a murder victim, let alone your grandmother lying in her own blood with huge stab wounds. God only knows what state Rene left her in – the dude had sex with his own sister when she was dead:

And he’d had sex with her, after she was dead. She’d sunk so low, she
wouldn’t mind her own brother, he’d thought, as much as he was
capable of thinking. Anyone who’d let a vampire do that deserved to die. 
And he’d hidden her body from shame. The others weren’t his flesh
and blood; it had been all right to let them lie.
Dead Until Dark,
p. 277

So it might not be explicitly set out on the page, but Gran’s body would have been degraded and horrifying to someone who loved her. Sookie’s not going to set it out like a dispassionate third person forensic scientist – it’s first person. She then takes three days to clean the house, packing up her Gran’s things with the help of Arlene, prepare for the funeral, bears the thoughts of everyone at the funeral with a grimace and silence, and then when Bill comes calling, she lets him in. He brushes her hair, and she decides to have sex with Bill. Sookie does not declare she’s in love with Bill – just that she wants to have sex.

In the show, Sookie does scream over and over when she finds Gran. Rene isn’t the same sort of killer in the show – he doesn’t seem to have had sex with any of his victims post-mortem. He didn’t with Amy, and Gran has her nightgown pulled down in a prim manner. Then, she spends the day screaming at people for eating pie, being all listless, and then decides it’s a good idea to roleplay a sacrificial virgin. Show Sookie is not a woman who turns from comfort to sensuality – she’s a woman that apparently thinks Gran is dead so now’s a good time to bone Bill.

I think the changes in Show Sookie undercut Book Sookie’s thinking. She’s more active in her need for some fairytale relationship with Bill to the point that she hops in the virgin sacrifice dress we all have lying around and seeks him out. She prepares herself for his seduction – to try to get him into bed with her. Maybe it’s intended to make Sookie seem stronger, but the truth is it just made her seem full of twaddle. Book Sookie doesn’t believe there’s anything fairytale like with Bill – she says herself that they won’t grow old together, and accepts his tribute that she “tastes good” as tender feelings from a vampire.

Book Sookie hates the people around her at the funeral for their thoughts – it grates on her – but she doesn’t scream at them for what they can’t help. Show Sookie screams at people a lot for what they’re thinking – which is completely unreasonable. Book Sookie only loses it when people deliberately think mean things at her – like Andy Bellefleur thought at her about having sex with Jason – which is deliberate nastiness. It makes Show Sookie a telepath only for the sake of drama.

Longshadow’s Death

Book Sookie is told that Eric is giving her no option – she comes to read the waitresses or Eric possibly sends thugs to get her. She’s scared shitless – as any sensible person would be.

Book Sookie makes her deal, and reads Bruce, Ginger and then Belinda, who thinks of Longshadow biting Ginger. Eric stakes Longshadow after he’s already leapt on Sookie. Sookie flings up her arm to save Longshadow getting her neck and then Eric stakes him. Bill pulls Sookie out from under the decaying Longshadow and they watch him until he’s just a burn on the carpet. Eric then decides he’d like some of Sookie, Bill’s staring down Eric snarling, and Sookie’s inching towards the door. Sookie tells Pam to call Ginger in to feed Eric with hopes she’ll make it out of there despite smelling different. Sookie also asks the effects of vampire blood, and in true book style Pam tells her “That remains to be seen” – they’re real sharers those vamps.

Book Sookie tows Bill out to the car, they get in, and Bill gets all scary and starts licking the blood off Sookie’s face until she starts to get really scared at the bloodlusty killing machine:

His eyes were still like caves with ghosts dwelling in their depths.
Dead Until Dark, p. 208

She pinches his ear, and screams at him, and finally Bill gets control of himself and they drive home.

Show Sookie gets some flowers and told she has to go on a date with Bill to work for Eric. What a freaking idiot – and boy can she be bought cheaply.

She makes the deal and then sits there when Longshadow attacks, and then sits there some more. Then she waits around for Bill talking to Eric and Pam helps her clean out her cleavage and puts her in fangbanger gear.

Show Sookie is devalued because after all – when she screams, Bill comes a-running and stakes vampires who are attacking her. Sookie just sort of meekly sits around, and instead of getting out of there quickly, she waits around in the bar for Bill to finish his business like a dutiful girlfriend. All of Sookie’s moxie is sucked out because rather than extricating herself from a dangerous situation, we’re to rely on Bill to smooth  everything out while she plays dress ups with Pam. And really, Bill is bad at smoothing shit out. He brought in a telepath and left Eric with a buttload of political advantage. Book Bill isn’t any match for the political skills of Book Eric, but Book and Show Eric can cream Show Bill. If Alan Ball thinks this makes Bill look like a good protector, then he’s sadly mistaken – it looks like Bill has bought into the fairytale thing too.

The Attack of Rene

Book Sookie is attacked at night while Bill is in NOLA campaigning to be named Investigator for Area 5. That there is a big arse difference. Book Sookie goes for the rifle in the closet, but it’s gone. She then grabs the key to Bill’s house, a pocket knife and goes to hide in the woods. After evading Rene for a while, she gets sucked into his crazy thoughts, and by the time she gets out of that vortex, he’s found her. Book Rene breaks Sookie’s collarbone, rams her head against a pillar and punches her. While she’s being strangled, she grabs his knife from his belt and stabs him. After whining like a little bitch that she had the gall to stab him, Rene goes down. Sookie hightails it to Bill’s and calls the police. Rene is left alive.

Show Sookie is attacked in the day, and apparently needs Sam and Bill to help her. I think that’s the primary reason as to why the vampires don’t sleep during the day – the underlying thinking is “How could a woman protect herself?” Fuck you very much Alan Ball. Unlike Book Sookie, Show Sookie hightails it to Bill’s – because even a dead in the day vampire is better than relying on your own moxie apparently. Like a woman with no sense, Sookie keeps to well worn paths instead of diving into the woods she would have played in as a child. But if you don’t do that, you can’t have a succession of men trotted out to save her.

Finding the body in Andy’s car

Now, Book Sookie finds Lafayette’s body in the car, beeps her horn loudly and recovers quite quickly. Quickly enough to snark off to Bud Dearborn soon after. She cries and clings to Sam but that’s about it.

Show Sookie finds Miss Jeanette?’s body in Andy’s car and screams her head off. For fuck’s sake. She sleeps with a dead man. Sure, he’s animated most of the time, but she sleeps in bed with him in Dallas while he’s dead for the day. She created Rene Lenier’s dead body. Why the fuck is she screaming? Ugh.

Season 2

This season is one I hated. Sookie is really ruined this season. She can’t find her arse with both hands. Fuckery was minimal in the first season, but this season, she’s a true dumbarse. Book Sookie isn’t a dumbarse – and anyone who asserts she is, is too dumb to either read and remember the text, or to reason stuff out – the sorts of people who say Sookie is dumb always reason out their “what ifs” to result in only goodness. Eric would eat those people alive.

The Maenad

Book Sookie and Bill have a fight about Bill letting everyone think she’s a kept woman by setting up the oh-so-thoughtful “gift” of store credit as the boss’ fancy woman. The car goes dead (because the Maenad is drawn to prideful beings – and they’re both “feeling their pride”) and Sookie does the finger to Bill and then takes off. She is glad she’s wearing sneakers, because she intends to jog home and fuck Bill and his vampire meeting. She pays back his shaming her with an intention to shame him right back:

Bill seemed to be a little confused about the nature of our relationship,
and I wanted him to get it straight in his head. He could just take
his sorry ass to Shreveport and explain my absence to his superior,
Eric. By golly, that’d show him.
Living Dead in Dallas,
p. 29

After a while, she notices she’s being shadowed, and calls out. The Maenad comes up to chat to Sookie and asks her to give a message to Eric. The Maenad hits Sookie with her Thyrsis, and only by dint of her fast reflexes does it not get her face. The Maenad takes off, and Sookie crawls back to the car and awaits Bill’s return in the treeline. Worried about the Maenad returning, when Bill returns, she doesn’t yell out for him – she crawls out to him and he scoops her up and puts her in the car to speed to Fangtasia.

Show Sookie does something monumentally stupid – she takes Jessica to see her family. Apparently, it’s important to spring it on the family at random, and Sookie takes it into her head to do that. Apparently, this season, Sookie just can’t see any manipulation going on to the point that she interferes in Bill’s relationship with Jessica. So she and Bill have a fight about Sookie being so stupid and she stomps off out of the car, with, according to Jessica, the hopes that Bill will follow her. Ah, so we’re back to acting like a 13 year old girl wanting to be chased. Oooookay.

The Maenad attacks Sookie apparently just because she’s there, and would have been content to frolic in the woods if there was no one around. Show Sookie, made incredibly weak and stupid, does not take her attack so well. She screams her head off for Bill, and Bill gets to play the hero again and scare the Maenad off. I mean, crispy Bill last season didn’t do much but wander out into the sunlight and say her name, but now he really saves the night. Eric doesn’t have any link to the Maenad attack, and apparently Maryanne loves wandering around in the woods at random waiting for someone to attack in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Book Sookie makes it clear she’s not taking any vampire blood, but Show Sookie does what she’s told. So does Show Bill. It doesn’t make any difference if the vampire wants to give his blood – he’s ordered to by the freaking Doctor like his 230 year old blood is a drug dispensary. I would think Dr. Ludwig is a very bad doctor if she has to rely on vampire blood to heal things, but that’s just me. I think if Dr. Ludwig endeavoured to tell any of the book vampires who to give their blood to, they’d tell her to go jump. After all – that’s an emotional connection for them – they’re not going to be handing it out at random (or dealing it stupid True Blood) to fix people. That’s why Drainers exist.

I think Show Sookie is made deliberately weaker through this – rather than having a legitimate complaint to Bill, she’s in the wrong. Rather than having some sort of fight where Sookie tells Bill to legitimately take a flying leap, she’s actually in the wrong. And Bill has to save the night again – you’d think he’d get tired. Then Sookie doesn’t demand recompense for the vampire responsible – she in debts herself to Eric for her treatment. And she takes vampire blood like an unthinking fuckwit. Book Sookie doesn’t have Bill’s blood past the first book.

Dallas and Eric

Book Sookie doesn’t get a choice to go to Dallas. Eric informs her that he’s loaned her out to Dallas. There’s no asking of any kind if she can get the week off work – Eric just assumes he owns her – as Book Sookie says:

I realized I’d been rented, like a chainsaw or backhoe. I wondered if the
vampires of Dallas had had to put down a deposit against damage.
Living Dead in Dallas,
p. 47

Sookie then insists that Bill go with her. And as Eric says at the time, that was part of the arrangement all along – who better than Bill to go with her. So she dutifully goes along with Bill to Dallas.

In the ultimate move of stupidity, Show Sookie slaps Eric and then threatens to go to the police if he doesn’t let her friend go. Let me say, this is one of the stupidest things Show Sookie does. Book Sookie isn’t into violence, and she isn’t into highly retarded violence to opponents she has no chance of winning against initiated by her. The only time she slaps Eric is when she’s trying to wake him up at Rhodes in the daytime. The only time she gets physical with Bill is when he’s raping her and immediately after when she strangles him. Those are exceptional circumstances and one of the things I hate to see in fic is someone writing Book Sookie slapping people. She makes it clear she knows hitting vampires is damn pointless no matter how angry you are:

I wanted to pitch myself on her and beat the shit out of her, but I hadn’t been
brought up to brawl in barrooms. (I also wanted to beat the shit out of Bill, but
I might as well go bang my head on the wall for all the damage it would do him.)

Dead Until Dark,
p. 219

Book Sookie rarely resorts to unprovoked violence – and on that night, Bill had brought another woman into Merlotte’s and Sookie was slightly tipsy. If ever she was going to slap someone unprovoked, that would have been the night. Book Sookie keeps her hands to herself. Show Sookie would think that could be solved with a few slaps to the face and threats to go to the police. Christ Show Sookie is stupid.

But after her scene to show she has less sense than Book Bethany the fangbanger, Show Sookie gets a choice to go to Dallas, and she trades saving Lafayette’s life for it. Show Sookie has all the responsibility for agreeing to go to Dallas – not Eric. I’m not really clear why Show Sookie has to go – I mean, any regular human can just go blundering around in the Fellowship, and you can leave them to be raped and killed by Gabe. Apparently Show Eric needed the best – pity he can’t hire Book Sookie.

One of the biggest differences that I remember that bothers me the most is this one line said in this incident:

“Besides, I’m hoping that the more you see me, the more I’ll grow on you.”
“Like a fungus?”
He laughed, but his eyes were fixed on me in a way that meant business. Oh, hell.

Living Dead in Dallas, p. 209

Versus this:

Eric: “Perhaps I’ll grow on you.”
Sookie: “I’d prefer cancer.”

Episode 2.3 “Scratches”

This is pure nastiness from Show Sookie – and it only serves to make her look like a dickhead because everyone knows she’ll be getting it on with Eric. Calling someone “like a fungus” and making Eric laugh; and saying you’d “prefer cancer” just shows the innate difference between the two. Sookie is really quite nasty this season – which makes her look weak and ineffectual. Her threats are the same. I do so hope they’re not designed to make her look strong – because this sort of “strength” is laughable. Only a retard would slap a vampire and threaten him with the police – Show Sookie just makes it that low too.

In Dallas

At the airport, the Fellowship of the Sun attempts to abduct her – in fact, Steve Newlin himself tries to haul her away before Bill gets out of his coffin. She fights him off until Bill wakes up, and Newlin skedaddles. When Book Sookie gets to Dallas, she doesn’t tell the vampires anything – she plays it cautiously. She’s polite to Stan, and only ventures to push a point to make sure that the humans who help her will not be killed. She devises the plan to get into the Fellowship and find out what’s going on. She also figures out that there’s a bug in the room – and points it out to the vampires, who dispose of it.

She goes along with Hugo and they infiltrate the Fellowship, but Steve Newlin is aware of it (being that Hugo is a spy), then are imprisoned, and when Gabe intends to rape Sookie, she fights him off until Godfrey grabs him up. Hugo is thrown in with Farrell, and Sookie escapes with the help of Godfrey. While there, she regrets having to do it, but she gets a telepathic message to Barry.

Sookie tries to sneak out of the Fellowship, making it into the church itself when Luna finds her and guides her out of the Church and to her car. Then they’re hit by Sarah Newlin and pal with the car, and Sookie latches onto a Good Samaritan and is convinced to go to the hospital. When there, a Were friendly doctor helps her out, and the Weres dump her back at the hotel.

In the show, Bill questions the Chauffeur while Sookie is bobbing around like a happy puppy to be going on such a nice trip. Then she starts giving orders to the vampires of Dallas and how they can control themselves. Truly, this is one of the many stupid things Show Sookie does, and it directly contradicts the text:

“Help me,” she shrieked. “You have to help me!”
I knew right away that she was stupid. After all, what could I do against a
roomful of vampires? Her appeal was ridiculous.

Living Dead in Dallas, p. 84

Show Sookie is the stupid one, because she thinks you can order them around, slap them, threaten to call the police and other pieces of stupidity. I mean, how fucking far can she be taken from book canon? Apparently really, really far. Looking at this Sookie who’s a fucking dick, how could anyone believe she’s the same telepath who can form a logical plan to rescue Bill from two drainers? Show Sookie couldn’t find her arse with both hands in Season 2.

Show Sookie then goes to the Fellowship with Hugo, after all of her deeply stupid speeches about how vampires are like fluffy lambs, and frolicking with them is great. She tells Hugo what a winner Bill is, and Barry that working for vampires is something a telepath can do to make their lives better. Again, that’s absolutely contradicted by book Sookie – who says nothing so fucking monumentally stupid:

She had had no idea what trouble that could get her into, until now.
Getting a job at the Bat’s Wing had been the rebellious gesture of
her life, and it might just turn out to be fatal.

Living Dead in Dallas, p. 86

Book Sookie knows that working for vampires can end up in your death. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea to work for them, and she’s not like Show Sookie who’s one step away from handing out revelation-type pamphlets about the wonderous new vampire influx and how Bill is a fucking star. Show Sookie has apparently forgotten completely that Eric has a torture basement under Fangtasia. Book Sookie never did forget Eric’s threats to kill and torture his waitresses and accountant over the missing $60,000.

Once she’s in another basement, Show Sookie thinks that again, the way to get out is to be rescued, and screams her head off for rescue. Has Bill trained her well or what?  And this is supposed to be the same girl who fought two Drainers off a vampire? Really? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Show Sookie at that point would be likely to stand out in the parking lot shrieking like a goddamn klaxon.

I’m not going to go in depth with Godfrey vs. Godric – I’ve done the major differences before. To summarise that post, Show Sookie cries over a guy who will be missed, and is a “good” vampire nowadays. Book Sookie cries over a guy who is a reprobate, and is a “bad” vampire who is seen only as an object by everyone else – a PR object – either good or bad PR. Book Sookie sticks to her Christian values, while Show Sookie is shallow as hell.

The Marriage Proposal

Book Sookie wasn’t so sold on the idea of Bill as HEA guy – or the idea of a fairytale romance:

I want to call you all those gooshy words you use when you love someone, no
matter how stupid it sounds since you’re a vampire. I want to tell you you’re
my baby, that I’ll love you till we’re old and gray – though that’s not gonna happen.
That I know you’ll always be true to me – hey, that’s not gonna happen either.

Dead Until Dark,
p. 167

That’s roughly the same amount of time that Show Sookie has when the fool accepts a marriage proposal. Hell, even six months of dating leaves Book Sookie still not sure about how she feels about Bill:

Bill had spoken of me moving into his place, which sat on a hill just across the
cemetery from my home, but I was reluctant to leave my own turf
Living Dead in Dallas, p. 22

Book Sookie doesn’t want to move into Bill’s house, while stupid Show Sookie is thinking about what dinner plate pattern Bill would like (and she’s so stupid to think that shit too – despite the fact that Bill doesn’t eat). Book Sookie didn’t throw her lot in with Bill after six months, let alone a couple of weeks, with dreams of a fairytale wedding. She’s not even sure Bill is the one:

I wasn’t completely sure I was in love with Bill, but I
loved him,  and I had committed myself to him.

Living Dead in Dallas,
p. 55

Meanwhile, Show Sookie is doing stupid things, buying into Bill’s fairytale fantasy, and after knowing a guy for six weeks or thereabouts, she’s ready to throw down and commit. Show Eric even critiques Sookie on her reliance on “Death do us part” – pointing out she’ll be the only one dying. He wouldn’t need to do something so fundamental to Book Sookie – she’s already aware from the first book that there’s her death and that’s it.

Alan Ball has taken Book Sookie and made her bad to average Fanfic Sookie – absolutely mad for cock – just he “cunningly” switched Eric out for Bill. While Book Sookie doesn’t leap into anything other than a relationship with Bill that she’s not one hundred percent gung-ho on, Show Sookie is ready to marry in a heartbeat and guzzle down all of the vampire blood he can openly give her and tell her it’s lolly juice.

Season 3

Book Sookie is still gone, and in her place they’ve left a thirteen year old girl. Show Sookie picks up some sense in maybe the last couple of episodes. I’m hoping that trend continues into Season 4, but I ain’t holding my breath. If she was up to my standards of sense, there should be a ginormous kick in the balls for both vampires in episode one. But I’ll take her at least telling them to go fuck themselves as a positive trend.

Finding Bill

In the books, Eric comes to Sookie and pleads with her to find Bill – he makes it clear that he wants her to do it. Book Sookie is upset Bill is gone, but it’s not until Eric asks her that she goes off to find him:

“You’ve told me that what will happen to you if all this comes
unraveled would be pretty horrible,” I reminded him.
“You’ve told me you desperately need me to do this for you.”

Club Dead, p. 52

Sookie goes along to Mississippi and pulls Bill out of Russell’s mansion. Because Eric is not up in the day like the stupid show, the most he did was give her blood. Book Sookie did as he asked, to the letter. She did it with a minimum of fuss, and Sookie killed Lorena:

As she moved, without a conscious decision I whipped up the stake and
pointed it at an angle. As she came down on me, the sharp point went in
her chest and out the other side.

Club Dead, p. 207

What’s Book Bill doing? Why he’s sitting there watching – and the vampire Book Eric wasn’t sure he could kill – the over 300 year old vampire he wasn’t sure he could take out – Sookie killed her too, all by her lonesome.

Not so with Show Sookie – she had to have help from Bill and Tara. Honestly – three quarters of Book Sookie’s moxie is spread out to Crystal, Jason and Tara. She can’t do anything but snivel to Eric that she wants her affianced sweetie pie back and can Eric go get him? What about the fact that he’s states away with his maker “fucking like a vampire”? Well she’s reaaalllly in wuv with him and he might forget his mittens. Instead, when it comes to a confrontation with Lorena, Sookie just stands there and sounds the klaxons for Bill to rescue her lame arse again.

Book Sookie is a great character – she’s complex and brave, she’s someone who stars in the books. She isn’t an inert narrator of what vampires and weres are doing – she’s a mover and shaker. She doesn’t observe what Eric does in Dallas, she doesn’t observe what Bill does to scare off the Maenad. She actually engages in the action. A considerable amount of fanfic is determined to make her an inert narrator, but that’s the thing, they have to work to beat her down to just an observer.  She doesn’t come pre-packaged that way, so you can’t really cut her out of the fic altogether. As a result, there is very little fanfic that works by leaving Sookie out all together in the SVM section. In the SVM section (at the time I checked), out of 2,855 stories, Sookie featured as a primary character in 2,310 of them.

Show Sookie is an extra – someone who Bill and Eric can argue who gets to fuck her this season. She doesn’t do all that much except look to get saved, provide very little as far as telepathy goes and could be written off the show if Bill and Eric could find someone else to argue over fucking. Past the first season, Sookie doesn’t really engage in action – she becomes a prop for the men to engage in action. A reason to fight about something. In the TB section (I checked at the same time), out of 2,209, Sookie featured as a primary character in 793 of them. Show Sookie isn’t seen as essential in the show by fans of the show – and I bet a whole heap of those 793 were written by bookies trying to redo wrongs to her character and making her matter.

In Sookie vs. Sookie, Book Sookie wins by a long shot. I hope one day Book Sookie meets Show Sookie and shows her the error of her ways, and how to be a character that couldn’t be relegated to an extra. Or failing that, she kicks Alan Ball’s arse halfway around the block.