PMR Crème de la Crème

This is a post designed to pimp fics that I’ve found conform with the books, and could easily be inserted as a side story or a whatcouldabeen. Plus, a blurb and no PWP. I’ll add to this when I find a new one, and if the story goes off the rails for the non-completed one, I’ll take it off. I don’t anticipate I’ll have to do that, but I’ve been wrong before. I’m also going to only include ones I know will be updated with some regularity, or that are finished:

ANYTHING by June Smith – CH style with plot and brilliance – absolutely as close to canon as you can get without it being CH.

Alternative to DTTW – Eric is infuriating…and now there are two. Human Eric is sent back in time to go running down Sookie’s road. But vampire Eric is still head honcho in Shreveport.

Claude and Eric wrestle on the kitchen floor. What more can I say?

What could have been if Sookie and Eric got away from vampire politics after Sookie’s torture. |||| And it has a sequel.

What would really happen if Sookie got telepathy to hear vampires.

Most excellent choose your own adventure, with Sookie and Pam

After DAG, and I’ve never laughed so much in my life. ||| And it has a one shot sequel

Alternative to DITF if Niall sent Sookie back to the time of the Vikings

What would happen if Sookie lost her memory.

An alternative to DITF with why Eric wasn’t there to save Sookie in DAG

The best EPOV from the books I’ve ever read – Eric is Eric without apology, rather than masquerading as a care bear.

Jason, Sookie and a new fairytale danger

Sweet and poignant Miriam and Pam

Some excellent AU fics, where Eric is still a vampire, Sookie still a telepath, but the universe is different:

Sookie works in an auction house and Eric is the only vampire who knows about her telepathy

Characteristic JanineMNM sensual writing, but Sookie is in Amish country

Inspired by Dexter – the show

Cute little one shots:

Funyuns, Tuna and Lessons Learned

The Sleep of the Staked


Where I am

Blood Therapy

Fright Night


What’s the H Stand For

It’s a Matter of Fit

Dead Silence

Mistress Sookie

Merlottes Makes Boring

1,001 Louisiana Nights

Dissection – True Blood canon

These AH one shots that are just brilliant pieces of writing:

Hole in the River


La Villa Real: A Boy Named Sue

If it’s AH you’re looking for, with actual aspects of the characters, auxiliary characters and no Sookie bashing, I recommend any of the above authors, but also these rather prolific peeps:

Miss Construed in particular her work Legend of the Permaboner


And dese ones with zero suitor bashing, an Eric that shuts up and I can tell they actually like Sookie:

Art museum Sookie ||| New England Sookie ||| New York Sookie  ||| Polyandrous Sookie ||| Music Sookie ||| Criminologist Sookie ||| Actress Sookie with my favourite Felipe ever ||| Depression Era Sookie ||| Teacher Sookie ||| Post-War Sookie

Oh, and I didn’t include it above, but the first fic I read and loved because I could recognise book canon:

Changing It All – it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s why I registered – to leave a review.

And if you ever wanted a look inside the mind of the man I talk about here sometimes, called Mr. Minty:

The Secret History of the Vampire Dixie Bill – he’ll even send a review reply if I badger him enough. 😀

If you exhaust that, there’s always my favourites list at, which I go through periodically and cull and trim. But this is stuff I would re-read with much enjoyment.