The Waitress’ Best Supe Friend

Okay, so I’ve seen this said millions of times – Sookie and Sam as the ending. Sookie and Sam is the way CH is going to fuck up the Bill and Eric fanbase.  I think some of this is guilt for those readers who’ve been royal bitches to each other over two fictional men. But of course there’s the theory that CH didn’t understand what a monster she was creating with either Sookie and Eric, or just plain old Eric. That it has become a run away freight train CH can’t control, and she’s only begrudgingly giving us Sookie and Eric, only to “hurt” us all by making Sookie go be with Sam.

I asked Mr. Minty what he thought of the idea that CH didn’t know the value and character of Eric (he’s in ATD at the mo’), and created him completely by accident, and his relationship with Sookie by chance. He looked at me like I was crazy – and I mean really crazy – and asked how the hell you write a book by accident or create a character by accident. So, I thought that apart from my own thoughts about how that was impossible, I wasn’t just telling myself what I wanted to hear, and that idea is batshit crazy. Excepting in that Doctor Who episode – with Carrionites whose names I wish to steal (totally just call me Doomfinger or  Bloodtide – how cool are those names, uh?). But I suspect the next CH book won’t open a portal. Or shit, I fucking hope not.

The question is why does anyone think that CH is going to write all of these books, and then give absolutely zero romance to the main relationship Sookie’s going to end up with? Why the hell would CH devote entire books to the relationship with Eric, which is the Sisyphean task, when she could just pair Sookie up with her real HEA guy and still have adventures with Eric? Sookie could pop home and get laid by Sam until Eric calls her in to risk her life for him…yet again.

This little meme that goes around the community ties in with the rather lacking Eric phenomenon. Yes, I know, surprisingly, book Eric is not a brilliant superhero who can do everything. Surprisingly, few women in the real world end up marrying Superman, who is everything he needs to be and more. But the books are coming to an end:

“Truthfully, the next two books will probably be the last two books in the series,” Harris said last week.  Source

So somehow, Sookie and Sam would have to work out some relationship, that is not built over say ten books, but rather takes a drastic turn for the romantic. One minute it’s working for him, having dinner, discussing the fact that Eric surprise married you, and the next minute, it’s surprise marriage to Sam. I don’t know that surprise marriage gets easier over time either. I don’t get how readers think this one is going to work out.

One of the primary reasons readers seem to think that Sookie will go for Sam is merely because she wants to have children, and holds onto that as her dearest wish. There’s wishing and there’s reality:

 Here was the truth of it: I’d had so little chance of having the kind of life my
classmates had achieved – the kind of life I’d grown up thinking was the ideal –
that any other life I could shape for myself seemed interesting.
If I couldn’t have a husband and children, worry about what I was going to
take to church potluck and if our house needed another coat of paint,
then I’d worry about what three-inch heels would do to my sense of balance
when I was wearing several extra pounds in sequins.

All Together Dead,
p. 73

Sookie might hold onto children as a wish, but that’s a pipe dream, and she knows it. That’s while she’s dating Quinn as well – and out of all her boyfriends, he was the only one who had to wear a condom. If Sookie was so determined to have children, she wouldn’t have ruled it out.

In fact, the only guy Sookie has ever talked about having children with is Eric – and he’s someone who can’t have children with her. I’ve often wondered why she did this – both in DTTW, FDTW and DITF – thought of having children with Eric, and I think part of it is that apart from the appeal of his beauty, charisma and sexual prowess, Sookie can wish for all the children she wants with Eric, and it will never happen. She can hide from herself the fact that her life isn’t conducive to having children if the only man she wants to have babies with is someone who can’t have them. If she thought about having babies with Quinn or Alcide, then she’d have to admit that it wasn’t for her lifestyle, even if she wants it – she’d have to visibly give up such desires, rather than keeping that in her heart as a secret wish.

I think that that’s going to stop soon anyway – she’ll finally let go of that last vestige of the dream, based on how worn out she got being with Hunter, plus the fact that she couldn’t think about anything to do with vampires or sex while he was awake, and had to leave the corpse in her woods unexplored. Sookie will be that courtesy aunt to Tara and JB’s twins, and she’ll have Hunter, but most importantly, she’ll be able to send the children back to their parents and away from the dangerous life she and Eric lead. One day Jason will have children as well, so Sookie will be able to be with them – all the fun and none of the work. Lots of women love that stuff.

For a start, there’s this mistaken belief that Eric has one ounce of martyrdom in him. Eric hasn’t fought this long and hard to give up at the last hurdle. Sure, he doesn’t force his sexual attentions on Sookie, but he sure doesn’t leave her alone – or rather he leaves her alone in the right way.  Eric has made sure that all the supes in the area – from the Queen to Victor and Felipe, to shifters and such actually know she is off limits. Tara hears about it through Mickey. Eric has Area Five locked up tighter than a drum, and now he can control Quinn and ban him from the Area, all is well. He’s also informed Alcide of their nuptials by DITF too, to chase him off.

I look at what a pill Eric was from Dead As A Doornail through All Together Dead – there is absolutely no reason to believe that he would ever take a break-up from Sookie at all. He’d hang around and menace Sam – as he would any other suitor – or he’d find some way to get Sam into his debt and thus away from Sookie. After all, he’s already done that with the Charles Twining incident. Eric can work better and faster than Sam.

Sam wanted Sookie to go to get a bartender from Eric for Sookie’s safety. Obviously, the only people being shot are two-natured, so why Sookie would be in danger as a matter of course is not believable. But Sam doesn’t take chances with Sookie’s protection (unlike some vampires we know) and gets some help – in the name of sending Sookie to ask Eric for someone. Eric’s purposes to protect Sookie are served, and Eric, crafty bastard that he is, gets a favour out of Sam for that. Of course, Sam realises he’s been had – but only about half an hour after he’s actually been had.

So if Sam put himself in between Sookie and Eric, Eric would run him over tout de suite. He’d find some way to get a favour out of Sam and have him gone within half a year. Eric is relentless and ruthless – Sookie might not want him, but Eric’ll be damned before he lets her have anyone else. Eric is a six foot four cockblocker, and he’s not intending to let his prey leave now when he’s so close to victory. Even if she wants to.

On top of Eric, looking at Sam’s character, I don’t see how it’s possible. Sam’s a nice guy, but he hates politics. Sookie will never be out of politics – not vampire politics anyway. Sam would be killed in a heartbeat to get to Sookie. No vampire would show him mercy, as he doesn’t even have the benefit like Eric of being useful. That’s what keeps Sookie with Eric – killing Eric would not be fiscally responsible (so say goodbye to dreams of Eric quitting work). Eric’s not going to be a martyr to Sam’s cause – he wasn’t to Bill’s. Bill was smart enough to know he had to get himself a position and a deal, or Eric would have run right over him too. And back then Eric just wanted a telepath, not the woman he’s in love with.

Not only that, but Sam has some pride and self respect. I don’t really believe that any of the suitors would marry someone that Eric calls his wife. Even if the pledging doesn’t have that annual consummation thing going on like royal marriages, Eric doesn’t stop when Sookie tells him not to call her his wife. He’s not going to be stopping for Sam and Sookie. He’ll be calling round and asking to speak to his wife every two days. Sam lost his temper the moment Sookie said that she’d married Eric, and promptly got a girlfriend. That torch has, at long last, been extinguished. Just because Sam still loves her and cares for her doesn’t equate to Sam wanting to marry her.

Even if he did – even if he overlooked the whole marriage to Eric, and the pill Eric would come to be – there’s one giant impediment to this whole grand scheme. Sookie. Sookie’s feelings on the whole thing. Sam can pine over Sookie until Kingdom Come, and it doesn’t make any difference. Sam is not the focus of the books. Sookie is the focus of the books. Sookie considers Sam her boss and her friend. She stopped including him in “possible suitors” long ago in the books, and thinks of him as a friend in DITF.

Let me show you all, that way back in DAAD, Sookie decided that she wanted Sam as a boss, and that her relationship was too good with him to jeopardise the one sure thing she has. For those of you who forget, here’s quotage:

I knew it was wrong to think of indulging in some sex play with my boss,
though Sam and I had been teetering on a fine edge for months.
Coming down on the “no” side was the safest, sanest thing to do. p.174

So she’s decided that the safest and sanest thing to do after that point in time is not to tempt fate any more and consider Sam in the pantheon of suitors. She wants to preserve that and not foul it all up with the whole romance bit. Since Sookie doesn’t have many people who are completely on her side, I think that is a safe and sane thing to do.

And before there’s any cries of “she’s leading him on” – she told him there and then that it was safer. If Sam still holds a torch, that’s Sam’s fault. A woman isn’t obligated to quit her job and do something else based on the feelings of someone else. She’s been as clear as she possibly can be, and she’s not exactly had a dearth of money and job offers. I do not buy into the idea that if a man likes me, I should endeavour to socially isolate myself for his benefit. Sam’s a full adult male, and he can just live with it. She’s been crystal clear.

Further to that, this quote from DAG:

“I thought of Bill….and contrasted it with Eric….
especially when my all-too-brief episode with Quinn was factored in.
…I’d dated Alcide Herveaux, pack leader, too, but it had never gone further.
Sookie Stackhouse’s All-Male Revue.”
pp. 45-46

So you see, in the pantheon of suitors and possible suitors, there’s Alcide, Quinn, Eric and Bill mentioned. If Sookie doesn’t consider Sam in this one, it boggles the mind that readers think she’s somehow going to one-eighty on that. She wants to preserve her relationship with Sam as safe and sane – not potentially ruin it with romance.

The fact is that Sam is the one constant. While Eric’s off killing and torturing things, and Jannalynn is off doing the same, Sookie and Sam can go out to dinner. Like I’ve said previously, I don’t see Eric taking Sookie out to dinner – it’d be incredibly uncomfortable for him, and he’d be bored to death sitting there doing nothing. I certainly couldn’t enjoy a steak with my husband sitting across from me watching with boredom, twitching from a need to do something, and feeling left out. So that’s what Sam’s purpose is for – to pick up the slack that Eric can’t do. Someone safe for Sookie to spend her days with, and someone who’ll keep her grounded in the real world. Someone who’ll be there for her without wanting to use her.

Sam is Sookie’s good friend, adequate protection without the threatening relationship. He’s the perfect candidate to pick up slack. Readers are privy to Sookie’s thoughts – read them, take them to heart. Even if Eric the insurmountable object could be ignored, Sam and Sookie aren’t going to happen as far as Sookie’s concerned. What Sam wants is irrelevant. There’s no rug to pull to punish us, and the surprise marriage to Eric is the only surprise marriage we’ll be getting. Sam is our plucky waitress’ best supernatural friend, and that’s what he’ll stay.