Talkative…like a rock

I am so clueless as to what other people don’t get – this is why all my fics are thanks to Thyra10. I get and understand everything in the books, as you can see from my journal. It’s all contextualised, and I’ve paid attention when reading. So sometimes when I read that something has confused someone, it shocks me because it never occurred to me that there wasn’t an answer.

I was kinda surprised recently to find out that people think Eric is “hiding something” in the end of DITF and start of DR.

Of course he is. When is he not?

That’s where Eric’s whole “I may not tell you everything, but everything I tell you is true.” comes in. Do you know what he was doing when he was playing keep away with Sookie during those two months in between FDTW and DAG? From Eric’s own lips? Why no you don’t.  You, like many readers, have gone with what Sookie supposed was going on, but she doesn’t really have information. Eric just doesn’t tell her.

Same dealio during DITF. He’s totally trying to hide that Victor is making a concerted effort to kill Sookie. He won’t say anything if he can help it, because it doesn’t serve his purposes.

Now, Eric has form for this. When Hot Rain was threatening Eric, and wanted more than the price of Long Shadow’s life, Eric didn’t say boo until Sookie had killed Charles Twining. He didn’t warn her that someone he made deals with may try to kill her. He’s scared enough that the night her house gets burned, he comes down to chew Charles out and informs Sookie Charles is being paid to watch her. He doesn’t warn Sookie. Sookie’s expected to make that connection…or preferably not. Since Hot Rain is actually demanding more than the price for Long Shadow’s life, you think that Eric doesn’t know Hot Rain will try for Sookie or Pam – the two people he cares about?

Bollocks. Of course he does. But “I feel affection for you, so Hot Rain might try to end you for the death of Long Shadow” would scare Sookie right off getting involved with Eric. Any sensible woman would think that Eric is too much trouble. So, as far as Eric’s concerned, best to keep it quiet.

Same with the takeover by the Vegas vampires. Eric was jumpy about that – but he didn’t tell Sookie what might be coming. That one day he might be dead and she might be the property of another state. Otherwise she might run away from said state, or not want to date him any more. Can’t be having that.

I must say – Eric is smooth. Some of the stuff he does is so seamless that it’s not until I start to question why he does things that I see it. If I were Sookie, that would be a bad quality in the eyes of many fans. She would be stupid to question why Eric does stuff. So, dear reader, here’s how cunning he is. He could just tell her outright, but Eric is as talkative as a very uncommunicative thing. Plus, it might scare her off if she knows.

Remember in DITF, Sookie says she wants to come see him, and Eric just transitions into Pam coming to pick her up. That was pretty damn obscure – and it wasn’t until I thought about it that I wondered why he wanted her to have Pam drive her. In the narrative perspective, you think “Oh well, Pam can protect her from Bruno and Corrina and that’s why she had to drive Sookie” – but it’s more cunning than that. In a very casual way, Eric has made sure that Sookie doesn’t even notice she needs a bodyguard on the way to his house.

It’s quite obvious to me that Eric is concerned someone will get Sookie while he’s not there and that they’ll kill her. Since Sookie and Pam were actually attacked by Bruno and Corinna, I’d say Eric’s right about the assassination attempt. Bruno even told Sookie that Victor wants her dead, and Pam keeps telling Eric to tell Sookie stuff.

So Eric is right about the assassination attempts – all of which have to do with her being his wife, rather than her being a telepath (because vampires don’t kill their assets if they can help it – they kill other vampire’s assets). He’s not going to point that out if he can help it. He won’t tell her everything, and he’s proven with Charles Twining that he won’t tell her if his enemies might be gunning for her.

Pam then calls Sookie on the phone to check that Heidi is at the door – gives her a description and everything – making sure that it is indeed Heidi at the door. This is something that hasn’t happened before, but it makes one wonder why it is that Pam is doing such things. I think it’s because Bill next door, is feeling poorly, so they can’t rely on him to be back up.

Then, Eric wants Sookie to quit her job, and has been worried after Appius’ death in the first chapter of Dead Reckoning. In Eric’s mind, she had Sam at her job, and Bill at her house. Now that Merlotte’s has been firebombed, it would look to Eric like they’re going to try for her at work.  The solution doesn’t have to be Sookie quitting her job – it could be Eric actually telling her about the threat that makes him seem less attractive – but that’s not the way Eric rolls.

It’s better – in his eyes – to keep quiet about the threats as much as he can. If he comes right out and tells her that the attempts on her life started with Hot Rain, and may never finish, that may put Sookie off being with him. That’s not in Eric’s best interests, so he doesn’t tell her. If Eric was really concerned with Sookie’s safety, he would have told Sookie outright on the trip to see Niall that there might be a takeover, and that Victor was aiming to kill her. All the Victor information came from Pam, and she’s been pushing Eric to give Sookie more information.

Pam trusts Sookie way more than Eric does to be capable.  When they’re fighting Bruno and Corinna, Pam gives Sookie the knife and takes off. For Pam, it’s Sookie’s sink or swim time. Since Sookie handled it fine, then Pam is right. Eric could do her the same favour, but he doesn’t. As Pam says, he wants to seem strong to Sookie. The problem is that seeming strong to Sookie requires Sookie to do more hard work, take more hard knocks and question stuff in order to protect herself.

Sookie gets ragged on for not trusting Eric – but from what I can see, she mostly does until it affects her life. She didn’t interrogate him on what went on for those two months. She doesn’t have spies outside his house, or underlings as his neighbours reporting on Eric’s doings. She didn’t ask him to prove Felipe wanted to take her to Vegas – she trusted that he was telling the truth. But if she questions why an old lover (as in not a current one despite Eric’s designs) thought it was okay to marry her without asking…well, that makes her the Devil.

Sookie endures quite the dichotomy in fans’ eyes. She should trust Eric implicitly because he’s her protector, but she shouldn’t have trusted Bill….despite the protection he offered. She should accept a marriage because it makes Eric happy – she’s just the wife, so who cares if she is happy too, right? She should do as she’s told – but no one tells her anything explicitly. She’s expected to know. But if she tries to figure that out, question everything, then that’s bad. From what I can see of his rather consistent behaviour, Eric isn’t going to tell her, so Sookie has no choice but to question. It’s life or death when Eric is as talkative as a rock.